Oof: Carlos Rodon Will Start the Season on the Injured List

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Oof: Carlos Rodon Will Start the Season on the Injured List

Chicago Cubs

It is very possible that, by the time the 2023 season is over, I’m going to have to take my lumps.

I was a very loud advocate for the Chicago Cubs to sign one of the few available ace-level pitchers this offseason, like Jacob deGrom or Carlos Rodon, knowing full well that each came with substantial injury risks. It’s so hard to land a true ace, and the opportunity to do so in free agency was awfully compelling. Again, understanding that you take the good with the bad, and in these guys’ cases, the bad is the risk of another big injury sapping away time and/or effectiveness.

It’s still way too early to say for sure on any of that, but if you are a Yankees fan who was stoked to add Rodon to the front of the rotation, alongside Gerrit Cole and Luis Severino, you are probably extremely nervous to hear today’s news from GM Brian Cashman:

Maybe – and certainly hopefully for Rodon’s sake, given his many previous injury issues – the Yankees are playing it overly cautious, and even the mildest of forearm strains is a good enough reason to shut Rodon down. You wouldn’t want Rodon, 30, to miss any time during the early years of his six-year, $162 million contract, but you also know that a few weeks of absences is a heckuva lot better than something mild that becomes something much worse.

Forearm strains always make you nervous, because so often we hear about something muscular with the forearm actually winding up being something structural with the elbow. It’s all connected, both figuratively and literally. That said, sometimes a forearm issue is just a forearm issue, and it can be quieted down with rest and a reset.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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