PCA Just Went Full Bo Jackson on His Bat

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PCA Just Went Full Bo Jackson on His Bat

Chicago Cubs

Over the years, a number of players have gotten sufficiently frustrated that they snap a bat over their knee. It’s rare. It’s unbelievably risky and difficult. But it happens. We always associate it with Bo Jackson, though.

Anyway, here’s Cubs outfield prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong getting reallllllly ticked about a strikeout just now, and snapping his bat in half like it’s nothing. Michael Ernst immediately thought of Bo, too:

On the one hand: kinda badass. Passionate. Strong. Competitive.

On the other hand: CAREFUL DUDE! That’s a valuable and important knee right there, and nobody needs you to accidentally fail to break the bat, allowing your leg to absorb the full impact. Scary to think about. Maybe we’ll call this a one-time moment for the Cubs’ top prospect.

UPDATE: Ah, I’d forgotten this is not new for PCA. At least he was successful both times:

Author: Brett Taylor

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