Angels Totally Swear There is a "Zero Percent Chance" They Would Ever Trade Shohei Ohtani

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Angels Totally Swear There is a “Zero Percent Chance” They Would Ever Trade Shohei Ohtani

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The thing about zero is that it is a very small number. Arguably, it is smaller than any other number. I think it’s probably too small of a number to use here.

The report from Jon Heyman today, presumably in response to yesterday’s Jeff Passan report that the Angels will considering trading impending free agent superstar Shohei Ohtani at the Trade Deadline if they’re out of the race, is a full-throated nuh uh.

“Zero percent chance,” one Angels person connected estimated the chances of a trade, per Heyman.

Hey, the chances might be slim, but they aren’t zero. Very little in the universe has a zero percent chance …

I kid, but I’ll be more plain. If the Angels are out of the race, and if they do not see a chance to extend Ohtani or re-sign him in free agency, there is going to be no reason NOT to trade him for a significant haul. They can say whatever they want now – and indeed, it behooves them to say as little as possible – but we know how these things play out when the rubber meets the road. Teams don’t lose superstar players of his caliber for absolutely nothing anymore these days. Well, reasonably thoughtful teams anyway.

The Cubs get an obligatory mention among the teams that could pursue Ohtani in free agency, by the way, but it’s a large group of obvious suitors: Cubs, Dodgers, Padres, Mets, Yankees, Mariners, and Rangers.

As for the Trade Deadline, I think it all comes down to how competitive the Angels are or are not. If they’re .500 or better, then yeah, there’s no way they could justify dealing Ohtani. But if they’re a long way out of the race without the prospect of a run, then I think they will shop him. And, as Michael explored very deeply yesterday, I think the Cubs could wind up in a position to seriously explore a deal. A lot would have to break their way for it to make sense/be realistic, but there is a logic to it.

Author: Brett Taylor

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