The Cubs Have Traded Luis Torrens to the Orioles

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The Cubs Have Traded Luis Torrens to the Orioles

Chicago Cubs

Today, the Chicago Cubs traded catcher Luis Torrens to the Baltimore Orioles for a cash consideration.

You will recall that Torrens, who broke camp as the Cubs’ third catcher before seeing almost no action whatsoever, was recently designated for assignment to clear 26-man and 40-man roster spots, which meant the Cubs had to waive, release, or trade Torrens within a week. They went with the trade.

I know what you are thinking: the Cubs were in need of an extra back-up catcher, so why are they trading one away for cash? Does this mean they think Miguel Amaya is DEFINITELY ready to be their true third catcher?

Wellll, no. Not necessarily. You have to remember, Torrens had already been DFA’d. He was gone. The Cubs must have known he was going to get claimed on waivers (clearly the Orioles would’ve claimed him), so their options were to lose him for only the waiver fee ($50,000) or trade him for some kind of other value. The guess here is that the Orioles were willing to pay a little more than $50,000 to make sure they got Torrens. The Cubs, that is, took something over nothing. In this instance, the best “something” they could get was more cash.

Had Yan Gomes’ head injury happened a few days earlier, then Torrens would still be on the Cubs, probably getting a start today. But things played out as they did, Torrens was gone no matter what, and the Cubs are left with some extra money, a little less depth, and an opportunity to get Miguel Amaya a nice developmental experience.

Longer-term, if there were a need several weeks down the road, I’m not sure whether the Cubs will continue to utilize Amaya as the true third catcher – it would be handy, since he’s already on the 40-man and has this option year – or whether they’ll figure out a way to open up a 40-man spot for Dom Nuñez or an outside addition.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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