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Cubs vs Mets: Lineups, Pitching Matchup, Broadcast Info, Game Thread

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are back in action tonight at Wrigley Field against the Mets. Kodai Senga actually is on the mound this time (he was scheduled for yesterday, but got bumped back), and David Ross has changed up the Cubs lineup accordingly. Take a look.

Chicago Cubs Lineup:

  1. Nico Hoerner, 2B
  2. Miles Mastrobuoni, 3B
  3. Dansby Swanson, SS
  4. Ian Happ, LF
  5. Seiya Suzuki, RF
  6. Mike Tauchman, CF
  7. Chris Morel, DH
  8. Matt Mervis, 1B
  9. Tucker Barnhart, C

“One lineup for the fans, one lineup for me.” – David Ross, probably.

I kid, but this does remind me of what we said just last week: It feels like David Ross saves his alternate players for every start by Tucker Barnhart, who ALREADY weakens the lineup, even against right-handed pitchers. We all know Yan Gomes can’t start every day, but does the rest of the bench have to start on the same day Barnhart starts, especially when Cody Bellinger is already out of the Cubs lineup?

Not only that, but we’re also moving Dansby Swanson and Ian Happ out of the spots in which they’ve batted all year, while pushing down a red-hot Seiya Suzuki? I don’t get it! Or, well, I do. It seems to be about going lefty-righty as often as possible, but it just doesn’t feel worth it. At least Chris Morel will get a shot to continue his absurdity.

New York Mets Lineup:

  1. Brandon Nimmo, CF
  2. Francisco Lindor, SS
  3. Jeff McNeil, 1B
  4. Pete Alonso, 1B
  5. Brett Baty, 3B
  6. Starling Marte, RF
  7. Dan Vogelbach, DH
  8. Mark Canha, LF
  9. Francisco Alvarez, C

Pitching Matchup:

Chicago Cubs: Marcus Stroman, RHP

Two outings back, Marcus Stroman had his worst start of the year, lasting just 2.2 innings against the Twins, who put up SIX earned runs in that short while. Fortunately, Stroman shook it off in a big way against the Phillies his last time out, allowing just one earned run over .60 innings. Ultimately, Stroman has great numbers for the season and continues to generate a ton of groundballs. Tonight will be his 11th start of the season.

Notable Matchups:

  • Lindor: 6-21, 2B, 2 BBs, 4K
  • Escobar: 4-17, 2 2Bs, BB, 2K
  • Narváez: 1-16, 2B, 4K
  • Pham: 5-8: 2B, 3BB, 2K

New York Mets: Kodai Senga, RHP

Kodai Senga was originally scheduled to pitch last night, but the Mets did a last-minute switch-a-roo (worked out for us!), and he’s going tonight instead. Here’s my thoughts from yesterday’s pre-game post: Kodai Senga had a rough five-game stretch from April 14 through May 11 — against some pretty weak opponents, too (A’s, Giants, Nationals, Rockies, Reds) — but he had the best start of his big league career against the Best team in baseball his last time out: 6.0 IP, 3H, 1ER, 3BB, 12K against the Rays. So this Cubs lineup is going to have their work cut out for them tonight. Tonight, you can expect a healthy dose of Senga’s mid-90s fastball with a solid mix of his three secondaries (changeup, cutter, slider). And unsurprisingly, that slider is actually a sweeper (who doesn’t throw one these days?) with better-than-average vertical movement.

Broadcast Info:

Chicago Cubs (21-26) vs New York Mets (25-24) at 6:40 pm CT on MARQ, MLBN, 670 The Score

Author: Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami