Brewers Fans Are NOT Taking the Craig Counsell News Well

Yesterday, after the Cubs surprised the baseball world by poaching Craig Counsell out of Milwaukee, I went on ABC 12 Milwaukee to talk about the move from a Cubs fan perspective. And let’s just say … it was difficult to contain my excitement. And I think they could tell.

But what do you want from me?!

The Cubs didn’t just make an improvement at manager at the expense of the Brewers — that, alone, would be cause for celebration. But they did it by flexing their financial muscle in a way they don’t do often enough. And to be honest, it feels good to be the big-money heel to the lowly Milwaukee Brewers. It’s who we’re meant to be. I fully embrace it. In fact, I’d like the Cubs to give me more opportunities to embrace it. Like, maybe as soon as this offseason, please and thanks.

But for every smile and high five seen around Chicago yesterday, there was a tear shed in Milwaukee. I don’t know how many of these you’ve seen so far, but Brewers fans are NOT taking this well. They know what they lost, how they lost it, and to whom. And it is KILLING them.

“Man … Craig Counsell to the Cubs?! Are you kidding me? This is about as dark of a day as Brewers fans I think have ever had, more so than any game that’s for sure. But honestly, I’m happy for Craig Counsell, the person. I’m happy that a guy who took Milwaukee five out of the last six years to the playoffs is going somewhere where he has a legit opportunity to win a World Series. DID HE EVER HAVE THAT IN MILWAUKEE? No, not really.

They had good teams, they had great teams, led by him. He was the main reason a lot of those teams got to where they got to. I blame ownership … It sucks. It absolutely sucks. And it’s such a gut punch to see Craig Counsell is gonna put the ‘C’ on his chest … this is a tough day. Maybe the worst day in Brewers history.”

He’s not alone, look at this one:

“Nope. All done. It’s all done now. This is worst news. I hate everything.”

This next one is, by far, my favorite. This man is so dramatic — and I get it, I really do! — but … LOL.

This is worst than Favre. This is worse than every Packers playoff loss … This is despicable and foundational changes how I feel about a man that I consider family in a sports way. (Counsell is) tremendous at his job. And he got it. And this shows that he doesn’t get it. And he doesn’t care. Fans deserve better than this. I don’t care if this is some middle finger to (Brewers owner) Mark (Attansio) that’s great. You boys work it out … we don’t deserve to be dragged into this.

There’s wars fought between dictators and rich billionaires all the time. The Common Man should not have to struggle and suffer for this. And we will. And that’s sad. That’s very sad.

(Off camera): Are you gonna be okay?

“No. Uh, not at all.”

Billionaires! Dictators! THE PLIGHT OF THE COMMON MAN! I’m dead.

Here’s some more:

Some fans, of course, took it too far, vandalizing the sign at Craig Counsell Park in Whitefish Bay.

Craig Counsell made some Brewers fans very angry.

Defacing a park like that — a park meant for little leaguers — is taking it a step too far. But clearly, Brewers fans are going through some sh*t, man. I just hope they can find peace in these difficult times … 😈.

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Michael Cerami covers the Chicago Cubs, Bears, and Bulls at Bleacher Nation. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami

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