2023 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Dynasty Fantasy Football Top Twelve 2023 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Dynasty Fantasy Football Top Twelve

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2023 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: Dynasty Fantasy Football Top Twelve

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In dynasty leagues, quarterbacks are critical to winning. When you consider many leagues are either being created as or changed to Superflex or 2QB leagues where you can start two of them, it’s becoming increasingly critical to have an accurate idea of the positional landscape. As always, it’s important to weigh age and production when considering which ones to target when building your team. Let’s run down the top ten according to our quarterback dynasty rankings.

2023 Dynasty Quarterback Rankings: The Top 12 Quarterbacks to Watch

12.) Tua Tagovailoa, MIA

Tua finally had his breakout season last year and has massive upside. However, the concussions are a serious problem and need to be addressed before he can move up to the top tier in our rankings. The good thing is Miami seems content with letting this play out and haven’t been in any sort of trade talks or in the middle of any draft rumors. It’s good enough for most quarterbacks to have a weapon like Tyreek Hill on the roster, but with Hill and Jaylen Waddle paired together in the short-term, Tua has all the firepower in the world to build on his season and that keeps him ahead of players like Trey Lance, Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson in our rankings.

11.) Deshaun Watson, CLE

When you look at top dynasty quarterback rankings, Watson is a name you’ve seen quite often as a bona fide consensus QB1. It’s easy to see the talent that oozes from Watson as he has elite passing and rushing ability. The challenge here is Watson continuing to acclimate to a new offensive system and build on last season, his first after a lengthy absence. Still, he’s young enough and has a high enough ceiling to believe this is about as low as he could fall in regards to the quarterback position for some time. If his off-the-field history isn’t much of a concern to you, he’s a solid value.

10.) Dak Prescott, DAL

Many dynasty managers were hoping for some kind of phenomenal MVP season from Prescott. After all, he’s one of the best quarterbacks in the league and there was no uncertainty in regards to his health last season. Unfortunately, Prescott posted a decent season with 2,860 passing yards, 23 touchdowns and 15 interceptions, again dealing with injuries. Still, with pieces around him like Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb, that seems like the floor for him statistically moving forward. The Cowboys are always searching for talents and that should enable Prescott to stay a QB1 for years to come.

9.) Kyler Murray, ARI

Many dynasty managers were quick to invest in Murray after the Cardinals refused to allow him to hit free agency in the near future and gave him his contract extension. However, last season was again a disappointment as his offensive line failed him and limited him to just 11 games. After two years of failing to play in all games and with what looks to be an imminent loss of DeAndre Hopkins, there seem to be more long term questions than answers when it comes to Murray at the moment.

8.) Justin Fields, CHI

Many dynasty managers had Fields locked in as their QB2 last season to go along with an elite option at the top of their roster. After all, you figured you could get some rushing production from him, but he hadn’t yet shown elite-level talent in the passing game, despite his success as a passer in college. Well, everything changed for him last year as he recorded 2,242 passing yards and 11 interceptions, with 17 touchdown passes. To make things even better, Fields posted a whopping 1,143 rushing yards and eight touchdowns on 7.1 yards per attempt. In fact, Fields went from a luxury to a necessity on a lot of fantasy leagues, leading many to a championship and becoming one of the hottest trade targets this offseason. While the Bears own the overall pick, Fields’ performance makes it highly likely they trade back, despite the amazing combine performance of a few players in this year’s quarterback class.

7.) Trevor Lawrence, JAX

Wow. Lawrence had a first year to forget, but last year was simply fantastic as he threw for over 4,000 yards with 25 touchdowns and just eight interceptions, solidifying his rank in dynasty leagues. Even better, his average depth of throw remained consistent and he was able to make players like Evan Engram and Christian Kirk into PPR dynamos in the process. With Calvin Ridley coming to town, it’s time for everyone to update their rankings and push Lawrence towards the top.

6.) Lamar Jackson, BAL

The multi-talented Jackson has pretty much had a copyright on the label of “best dual-threat” in the league the last few years, but players like Justin Fields and Josh Allen are giving him a run for his money. At the time of this post, Jackson is a restricted free agent and any team that signs him would need the Ravens to fail to match or trade them two first round draft picks. It’s hard to say what will happen with Jackson moving forward, and it’s that fact (along with his injury history) that currently keep him out of the top five at the position in our fantasy football dynasty rankings.

5.) Justin Herbert, LAC

The Chargers signal caller has proven to be total stud and long term dynasty pillar to build around. Los Angeles has surrounded him with playmakers like Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, and Austin Ekler, giving him the ability to be successful each and every season. After posting nearly 5,000 passing yards last year, the sky is the limit for the former Oregon Duck.

4.) Joe Burrow, CIN

Burrow has proven to simply be a winner during his time in the NFL. After dealing with an ACL tear his rookie season, Burrow has bounced back to throw for over 9,000 yards and 69 touchdowns over the past two seasons. Young and consistent, Burrow is an easy choice to build a young dynasty team around, especially with players like Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins currently in tow. 

3.) Jalen Hurts, PHI

Going back to last season, there were legitimate questions regarding the long term viability of Hurts in dynasty leagues. Those questions were quickly answered as he took the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl following a season that featured over 3,700 passing yards, 760 rushing yards, and a total of 35 touchdowns and only six interceptions. While there are always going to be concerns about injuries with running quarterbacks, Hurts has improved his consistency as a passer and looks to be among the best long term options in all of dynasty leagues. 

2.) Patrick Mahomes, KC

No player has taken the NFL by storm the way Mahomes has. After another MVP season (and another Super Bowl tropy), he’s already solidified himself as one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. Dynasty managers are happy to have him on their rosters as he’s more than capable of posting years with over 5,000 passing yards and more than 40 touchdowns. Still just 27 years old, it’s really a toss-up between Mahomes and the player we have ranked first on the list when it comes to our dynasty quarterback rankings.

1.) Josh Allen, BUF

Some may be surprised to see the Bills quarterback at the top of the list, but Allen’s rushing ability simply puts him over the top. I’m also in the camp with others who see there’s actually room to grow in his game. Dynasty managers were treated to another fantastic season last year as Allen threw for over 4,200 yards, ran for over 750 more and accounted for a total of 42 touchdowns. His year-over-year consistency and toughness keep him just ahead of Mahomes at the moment. However, either of them can help you win a championship in your dynasty league.

Just Missed

A number of players sit just outside the top ten and those include Trey Lance, Kirk Cousins, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Daniel Jones, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr, and Kenny Pickett. Keep in mind there will also be a number of rookies who join the rankings soo, incuding Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Will Levis.

Dynasty Quarterbacks Rankings Methodology Explained

It’s important to understand the relative shelf life of different positions when it comes to evaluating players. In rookie drafts, it’s not nearly as important as you should be able to get at least six or seven seasons from virtually any player you draft, regardless of position. Running backs are always going to be the riskiest picks as they tend to have shorter careers. In a start-up draft, you don’t want to spend first or second-round draft capital on an aging running back, despite how productive they may be. In Superflex or 2QB leagues, quarterbacks are going to come with a serious premium as well. In short, you need to balance youth and talent and build a team in a strategic fashion, knowing wide receivers and quarterbacks are likely going to have longer careers, but carry more volatility from week-to-week.

Dynasty Quarterback Rankings Resources

For a complete list of all the Dynasty Rankings by position, check out our sister site Dynasty League Football’s extensive resources;

Dynasty Quarterback Rankings FAQ

What is the difference between Dynasty QB Rankings and Superflex QB Rankings?

Dynasty quarterback rankings consist of a list of the top players who are expected to make an impact in the NFL for the upcoming season and for future seasons. These rankings are crucial for fantasy football players in dynasty leagues as they help determine the best players to add to their roster for long-term success.

The main difference between the two is that Superflex quarterback rankings include an additional premium on the position as the Superflex format allows for the starting of a second quarterback in the lineup. In Superflex Rankings, the players’ value as potential quarterback starters is taken into account, whereas in Dynasty Quarterback Rankings, the rankings are primarily based on the players’ overall long-term value and contribution to a dynasty fantasy football team.

In short, quarterbacks are going to be valued more in superflex leagues as there are fewer in the league and score points on a more consistent basis, making them the premier players to have in leagues.

Why are quarterbacks and wide receivers often at the top of Dynasty Player Rankings?

Quarterbacks and wide receivers are often at the top of dynasty rankings because they are key positions in fantasy football. Quarterbacks are the most valuable players on the field as they control the offense and have the ability to rack up points through passing touchdowns. Wide receivers are also valuable as they can make big plays and score touchdowns. Both positions also have a longer career arc than running backs.

How important are quarterback rankings in building a successful fantasy football team?

Quarterbacks are very important in building a successful fantasy football team. By focusing on the top signal callers, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation of talent that will bring you long-term success as they essentially get guaranteed touches each week. This is especially important in dynasty leagues, where you’re looking to build a team for the future, not just the current season.

Author: Ken Kelly

Ken Kelly is a corporate trainer by day an a tireless editor of dynasty content by night. His passion for the World Champion Seattle Seahawks is second only to his love of fantasy football and the dynasty format. Ken is on Twitter at DLF_KenK