Colts Fantasy Football Names: 100+ Clever Ideas for the 2023 Season

When it comes to Colts fantasy football names, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whatever the choice, a Colts-based fantasy football name is sure to spark some team spirit and add a fun element to the game. And with the Colts’ talented roster and exciting moves in recent seasons, there’s no shortage of inspiration for a winning team name. 

In this article, Veteran Fantasy Football Expert Justin Edwards looks at some of the best Colts fantasy football team names. He also explains why a great team name may matter and sheds light on the do’s and don’ts to help you name your team heading into the 2023 season. 

The Best Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football Names for 2023

Here are some creative and entertaining fantasy team names for the Indianapolis Colts in 2023:

  1. “Taylor-made Touchdowns”
  2. “The Colts of Fortune”
  3. “Nelson’s Bulldozers”
  4. “Pittman’s Punters”
  5. “The Reich Stuff”
  6. “Mack Attack”
  7. “Colts’ Blue Stampede”
  8. “Doyle Rules”
  9. “Campbell’s Chunky Touchdowns”
  10. “Peyton’s Protégés”
  11. “Win with Quenton”
  12. “The Horseshoe Heroes”
  13. “Indy’s Offensive Line Dominators”

Best Fantasy Football Team Names for QB Anthony Richardson

One of the hottest players in dynasty football leagues, Anthony Richardson, should be on the shortlist of names for Indianapolis Colts fantasy football teams. All Indianapolis Colts fans and fans of the sport should be more than excited about this new addition to the NFL quarterback pool.

  1. “Richardson’s Rockets”
  2. “Air Richardson”
  3. “The AR Show”
  4. “Florida’s Finest”
  5. “AR-15 Squad”
  6. “Gator Greatness”
  7. “Richardson’s Runners”
  8. “The Anthony Experience”
  9. “QB’s Army”
  10. “Rise of Richardson”
  11. “The AR Revolution”
  12. “Gator Powerhouse”
  13. “Richardson’s Resurgence”
  14. “AR’s Aces”
  15. “The Passing Phenom”

Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Football Name Ideas

This list of funny team names should give you some clever insights into our favorite picks for RB Jonathan Taylor:

  1. “Taylor’s Time Machine”
  2. “Taylor’s Turbocharge”
  3. “The Taylor Express”
  4. “JT’s Gridiron Dominance”
  5. “Taylor’s Thundering Runs”
  6. “The Swift Taylor”
  7. “Taylor’s Dynasty”
  8. “The Taylor Tornado”
  9. “The JT Train”
  10. “Taylor’s End Zone Tours”
  11. “The Taylor Thrillers”
  12. “JT’s Fantasy Freight Train”
  13. “Taylor’s Touchdown Extravaganza”
  14. “The Taylor Takeover”

Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck Fantasy Football Team Names

Here are some Colts fantasy team names featuring Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning, two legendary quarterbacks:

For Andrew Luck:

  1. “Luck’s Luminaries”
  2. “Lucky Dynasty”
  3. “The Luck Stops Here”
  4. “Andrew’s Avengers”
  5. “Luck of the Draw”
  6. “Colts’ Fortunate Son”
  7. “Luck Be a Fantasy Football Team”
  8. “Luck and Loaded”
  9. “The Luck Experiment”
  10. “The Lucksacks”

For Peyton Manning:

  1. “Manning’s Masterminds”
  2. “Peyton’s Passing Prowess”
  3. “The Sheriff’s Squad”
  4. “Manning’s Mind Games”
  5. “Peyton’s Pigskin Predators”
  6. “Omaha Legends”
  7. “Manning’s Maestros”
  8. “The Manning Magic”
  9. “Peyton’s Playbook Pros”
  10. “The Manning Dynasty”

Fantasy Team Names for Michael Pittman

Here are some fantasy football team names inspired by Indianapolis Colts WR Michael Pittman Jr.:

  1. “Pittman’s Playmakers”
  2. “Pittman’s Punch”
  3. “The Pittman Connection”
  4. “Pittman’s Powerhouse”
  5. “Pittman’s Prowess”
  6. “The Pittman Express”
  7. “Pittman’s Precision”
  8. “The Pittman Show”
  9. “Pittman’s Pass Catchers”
  10. “The Pittman Party”
  11. “Pittman’s Prominence”
  12. “Pittman’s Pigskin Posse”
  13. “Pittman’s Touchdown Brigade”
  14. “The Pittman Dynasty”
  15. “Pittman’s Gridiron Gladiators”

Historical Colts Fantasy Football Names

These names are all a tribute to some of the greatest Colts players and teams in NFL history. They are sure to get a laugh from your fellow fantasy football players.

  1. “Unitas Uprising”
  2. “Thank You, Hilton”
  3. “Manning’s Maestros”
  4. “The Edge of Glory”
  5. “Harrison’s Heroes”
  6. “The Freeney Frenzy”
  7. “Addai’s Army”
  8. “Reggie’s Rampage”
  9. “The Blue Horseshoe Legacy”
  10. “Marvin’s Magic”
  11. “The Mathis Mayhem”
  12. “Sanders’ Shutdown Squad”
  13. “The Vanderjagt Vigilantes”
  14. “Dwight’s Dominators”
  15. “Dickerson’s Drive”
  16. “The Baltimore-to-Indy Brigade”
  17. “Gonzalez’s Greatness”
  18. “The Gary Brackett Battalion”
  19. “James’ Journey”
  20. “The Bullitt Brigade”
  21. “Wayne’s World”

Fantasy Team Name Ideas for Other NFL Teams

Here are some fantasy football team name ideas for various NFL teams:

  1. Arizona Cardinals: “Cardinal Sins”
  2. Atlanta Falcons: “Falcon Fury”
  3. Baltimore Ravens: “Raven Lunatics”
  4. Buffalo Bills: “Bills Mafia”
  5. Carolina Panthers: “Panther Powerhouse”
  6. Chicago Bears: “Bear Down Dominators”
  7. Cincinnati Bengals: “Bengal Blitz”
  8. Cleveland Browns: “Dawg Pound Dynasty”
  9. Dallas Cowboys: “Cowboy Commandos”
  10. Denver Broncos: “Bronco Blitz”
  11. Detroit Lions: “Lionhearted Squad”
  12. Green Bay Packers: “Packers Power”
  13. Houston Texans: “Texan Terrors”
  14. Jacksonville Jaguars: “Jaguar Juggernauts”
  15. Kansas City Chiefs: “Chief Champions”
  16. Las Vegas Raiders: “Silver and Black Attack”
  17. Los Angeles Chargers: “Charger Charge”
  18. Los Angeles Rams: “Ram Nation”
  19. Miami Dolphins: “Dolphin Dynasty”
  20. Minnesota Vikings: “Viking Victors”
  21. New England Patriots: “Patriot Pride”
  22. New Orleans Saints: “Saints Sensation”
  23. New York Giants: “Giant Slayers”
  24. New York Jets: “Jet Fuel”
  25. Philadelphia Eagles: “Eagle Empire”
  26. Pittsburgh Steelers: “Steel Curtain Crew”
  27. San Francisco 49ers: “49er Force”
  28. Seattle Seahawks: “Seahawk Storm”
  29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: “Buccaneer Brigade”
  30. Tennessee Titans: “Titan Thunder”
  31. Washington Football Team: “Washington Warriors”

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What are some funny Indianapolis Colts fantasy football team names from the 2022 season?

Here are a few options that might make you chuckle: “Carson Wentz Upon a Time,” “T.Y. Very Much,” “Frank is the Tank,” “Matt Ryan Gridiron Gamblers”

What is the best way to come up with creative and clever fantasy names for an Indianapolis Colts fantasy football team?

One strategy is to play on player names or team history. For example, “Reggie’s Rumblers” pays homage to Reggie Wayne’s career with the Colts, while “Darius the Menace” references Colts player Darius Leonard. You could also create puns around popular football phrases, like “Ring the Bell” or “Coach’s Cornerback.”

As an Indianapolis Colts fan, how can I ensure a successful fantasy season?

Like with any fantasy team, it’s important to do your research and stay up-to-date on player news and performance. Make sure to check weekly matchups and start/sit lists, and don’t be afraid to make trades or add/drop players as needed. It’s also helpful to have a solid head coach and team manager guiding your decisions.

Are there any Indianapolis Colts NFL legends I can honor with my fantasy team name?

Absolutely! Colts greats like Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy, and Reggie Wayne all make great options for team names. You could also pay tribute to the team’s owner Jim Irsay or former coach, Hall of Famer Tony Dungy.

How much time should I spend on managing my Indianapolis Colts fantasy football team?

It ultimately depends on how serious you are about winning the championship! Some fans may only check in on their team once a week, while others may spend hours each day analyzing stats and making trades. Just remember that successful fantasy football takes time and effort.

Can you recommend any resources for playing fantasy football?

There are plenty of websites and apps out there to help make playing fantasy football easier. Additionally, many sports news outlets provide fantasy-specific content and analysis to help you make informed decisions.

What should I do if I am new to playing fantasy football?

Start with the basics! Familiarize yourself with the scoring system and draft process, and don’t be afraid to ask more experienced players for advice. It’s also a good idea to do some research ahead of time to learn more about players and teams.

How can I pick the right starter for my Indianapolis Colts fantasy football team?

The key here is to always stay up-to-date on player news and performance. Look for favorable matchup opportunities, and consider factors like injuries, team depth, and coaching schemes when making your decision. It’s also a good idea to have a backup plan in case of emergencies.

How can I improve my Indianapolis Colts fantasy football team mid-season?

It’s important to keep an eye on player performance and trends throughout the season and make adjustments as needed. Consider trading underperforming players for high-potential options, or adding free-agent players to bolster specific areas of your team. Don’t be afraid to take risks!

written by

Justin has been playing fantasy sports since he booted up a Sandbox Fantasy Football league on his Gateway computer in Middle School. After nearly two decades in the restaurant industry, he's focusing his attention on making a living in the sports industry.

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