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Hawaii Online Sports Betting

Several states have jumped onto the sports betting train since the reversal of the federal ban back in 2018. The top sportsbooks and sports betting sites are entering new sites to gain new users. What about in Hawaii? Here’s what you need to know about Hawaii online sports betting.

Sports betting is not legal in the state of Hawaii and it doesn’t seem like the state legislature is going to legalize sports betting anytime soon. No form of gambling in the state is legal. There are no land-based casinos, online sportsbooks, or other forms of gambling, It’s flat-out illegal in Hawaii.

Latest News on Hawaii Sports Betting

Legal sports betting is going to have an uphill battle in Hawaii. A bill was introduced in 2023 but it was shot down. Since there are no land-based options to add a sportsbook, the state would likely have to have online betting and sports gambling if a sports betting bill was ever passed.

For now, you can’t bet on sports legally in the state. Also, it’s not like you can just drive to a nearby state to access an online sportsbook in a legal state. It’s a flight for thousands of miles. Those in Hawaii that want to start sports wagering are out of luck due to the current gambling laws. You just can’t bet on sports in Hawaii.

Daily Fantasy Sports in Hawaii

On top of no gambling in Hawaii, there are also no Daily Fantasy Sports in Hawaii. There are no legal online options for Hawaii residents for betting in the state or DFS.

DFS was ruled to be illegal gambling according to former state Attorney General Doug Chin. Sorry sports fans. There are no betting options or fantasy sports. Hawaii is one of a couple of states with a complete ban on sports betting and casino gambling.

Horse Racing and Sports Betting in Hawaii

Horse racing also falls into the illegal category. There are no racetracks and you can’t bet on horse racing. Sports betting in the state is completely off-limits in every form. If you are looking for gambling, sports betting, and gaming in Hawaii, you aren’t going to find it outside of the lottery. There are no casinos in Hawaii or legal Hawaii sports betting.

Sports Teams in the State of Hawaii

If the state is able to legalize sports wagering in the future, there are not many options in terms of sports teams. There are no professional sports teams in Hawaii. There is also only one Division I program and that is the University of Hawaii. They do have sports like football, basketball, and more that could be of interest if people in Hawaii can bet.

There are currently no legal betting options and a sports betting timeline is unclear. Hawaii has a long road ahead in terms of legal gambling in Hawaii. It seems like Hawaii might be one of the last states with legal sports betting if it ever decides to pull the trigger.

Hawaii Online Sports Betting FAQs

Can I bet on sports online in Hawaii?

No. Sports bettors cannot place bets in Hawaii because it’s not legal. Hawaii betting doesn’t seem like it’s going to be legal any time soon in terms of online betting sites and sportsbooks.

Is there a bill to legalize sports betting in Hawaii?

Any bill that has been introduced since the reversal of the Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018 has been shut down. As of now, there is no online gambling and it will be a while, if ever before it becomes legal.

What are the best Hawaii sports betting sites?

There is no legal betting in the state of Hawaii. Therefore, there are no sports betting sites for sports gamblers. You cannot bet because there are no legal and regulated sportsbooks in the state. There are strict gambling laws in Hawaii and sports betting is still illegal.

Can I use mobile betting sites in Hawaii?

No. There is no online sports betting in Hawaii in any form. You can’t bet on sports teams or games because the state is yet to legalize online sports betting. There are no Hawaii sportsbook options. Sorry, no betting on your mobile device until there is legal sports betting in Hawaii.

When will online sports betting sites and Hawaii Sportsbooks be legal?

Sports betting legalization in Hawaii seems to be far off. The latest bill introduced in January 2023 was shot down in February. It’s unclear if sports betting will ever be available to Hawaii residents. Keep up with the latest Hawaii sports betting news to see if sports bettors in Hawaii will ever get the chance to gamble including online sports betting.

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