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DraftKings Louisiana Sportsbook Promo Code

The DraftKings Sportsbook is one of the top sportsbooks in the country. With strong odds, great features, and more the sportsbook has become a brand name in the industry. The sportsbook is legal in Louisiana and ready for new bettors. Here’s everything you need to know about DraftKings Louisiana as you begin sports betting in the state.

Best DraftKings Louisiana Promo Code and Bonus

DraftKings Sportsbook

21+ and present in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Bonus Bets!

DraftKings is always running great promotions throughout the year as you bet on your favorite sports teams. The sportsbook has dished out bonus bets, odds boosts, deposit match bonuses, and more. Be sure to take advantage of this latest DraftKings promo as you start Louisiana sports betting.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers in the past have included bet $5 on a pregame moneyline and win $150 in bonus bets. Also, there is a 20% DraftKings deposit match bonus. New DraftKings users can unusually count on a bonus as they start online sports betting in Louisiana.

Registering for a DraftKings Sportsbook Louisiana Account

When signing up for Louisiana sportsbooks, you will have to register with your personal information. This includes your name, birthday, address, and more. The sportsbook will then verify your identity to finish setting up your account. Also, geolocation tracking is used to confirm you are within the borders of a legal sports betting state. If not, you cannot place wagers.

Be sure to check for promo codes before signing up for Lousiana sports betting apps. You don’t want to miss out on the chance to claim a promo code before registering with the best Louisiana sportsbooks.

Claiming a DraftKings Louisiana Sportsbook Promo Code

If you are registering for a sportsbook, you want to make sure to claim any bonuses or promotions. Some promo codes need to be manually put in before registering while most will already be applied by just clicking on the promotion link. Most promo codes now do not require to be entered and are automatically applied.

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to customer support so you don’t miss out on bonuses within the state at signup.

For some promotions, Louisiana sports bettors will need to place a qualifying bet or deposit. Doing so will unlock the bonus funds. For example, DraftKings might run a bet $5 and get $150 in bonus bets promotions. The only way to unlock the bonus bets is to deposit at least $5 and place a bet. After doing so, you will receive the bonus bets.

This is why it’s important to check the terms and conditions when registering for the best online sportsbooks in Louisiana. don’t rush through the process and miss out on a great bonus to get started betting on the most popular sports teams.

Features – DFS and DraftKings Sportsbook in Louisiana

DraftKings has a long list of solid features for mobile sports wagering as well as DFS options for those interested in fantasy contests. Louisiana is one of the states that allows Daily Fantasy Sports so sports fans not interested in the sports betting market can enter fantasy contests to win money.

Also, DraftKings has built itself into one of the best sportsbook operators in the country. Here are some of the features to check out with the sportsbook mobile app or website.

Great Odds and Betting Markets

DraftKings is known for having solid odds on its legal online sportsbook. Check out DraftKings odds from a large amount of betting markets as well that make it one of the best online sportsbooks. They have a long list of bet types including moneylines, spreads, totals, and more.

Also, there are major professional sports, college sports, and international events available to wager on like the NFL, NBA, Premier League, and more.

Live Betting

Live betting is extremely popular with Louisiana sportsbooks and across the US. While in-game betting, the odds and lines quickly change depending on what’s happening during the event. There are all sorts of live bets on DraftKings such as next basket result, next drive result, and more.

Rewards Program

DraftKings has a rewards program where you can earn DraftKings crowns based on how much you bet. As your crowns grow, you can use them for bonus bets, merchandise, and more. It’s a solid program that rewards bettors for sticking with DraftKings to make their wagers.

Live Streaming

DraftKings has worked hard to add live streaming as a feature for users. While the number of events is limited, the live streaming feature is growing as the sportsbook continues to add more events for bettors to watch right within the DraftKings Sportsbook app.

Early Cash Outs

DraftKings has recently expanded the availability of its cash-out feature in many markets, allowing sports bettors to use the early cash-out option to settle their bets before matches end. This feature is a useful tool for ensuring winnings or minimizing losses.

Same-Game Parlay

The same-game parlay is becoming a betting favorite at sportsbooks across the country and DraftKings has the popular option. DraftKings offers SGP options in several sports such as football and baseball. You can click on the SGP icon to view the available bets and build your same-game parlay.

Customer Support

DraftKings customer support has a live chat available 24/7 for sports bettors who need to reach customer support. Also, you can send an email or request a callback to help solve your issue. The wait times vary depending on the number of users that have issues.

Contact DraftKings customer support if you ever have any issues with promo offers, your account at DraftKings, sportsbook pools, and more. The sportsbook usually responds quickly since it’s available all day.

The DraftKings Sportsbook App

The DraftKings Sportsbook Louisiana app is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms for mobile sports betting. Users can find a link to download the sports betting app from the DraftKings website or can search in the app store.

After installation, the app offers a mobile-friendly interface with the same sports and markets as the website. Users can easily add bets to their slip with a few taps and the app’s bottom menu grants simple access to different sections.

The app uses geolocation tracking to confirm a sports bettor’s location to confirm they are within a legal sports betting state. You cannot place wagers unless you are within the borders of a legal sports betting state. Don’t forget to check the latest DraftKings Louisiana offers to claim a bonus.

DraftKings History: Sports Betting in Louisiana

Louisiana bettors can wager at casinos and participate in online betting in 55 of the state’s 64 parishes. The state legalized sports betting in June 2021 and online sports betting options like DraftKings became available in Louisiana in January 2022.

You need to be at least 21 years old to use DraftKings or any sports betting platform in the state to place wagers. There are no restrictions on college sports so you can bet on top Division I schools such as Louisiana State. The New Orleans Saints and Pelicans are options in the professional ranks for retail and mobile betting.

DraftKings Bet Options in Louisiana

If you are looking to bet on sports teams in Louisiana or across the country, you will need to be familiar with some of the bet types that are available. DraftKings has a wide range of bets including parlays, props, moneylines, teasers, and more. Here’s a look at some of the most popular bet types on DraftKings.


A moneyline bet is when you wager on which team or individual will win outright. You are picking a straight-up winner. Odds for moneylines are positive for the underdog and negative for the favorite.

For example, LSU is a +170 underdog vs Alabama on a college football Saturday. If LSU wins the game, a $100 bet would win $170.


A total bet is also called an over/under. You are wagering on the total amount of points, runs, goals, etc. in a game. A sportsbook will set a line for how many points will be scored in the game. You simply bet over or under that mark.

For example, the New Orleans Saints are taking on the Chicago Bears. The total for the game is 43.5. If you decide to bet the over, you would need 44 points or more in the game to win the bet. If the game ended 30-21, an over would win because that’s 51 total points.

Point Spread

A point spread is a bet on the margin of victory or defeat. Sportsbooks set lines for how many points a team is favored by. This is a way of making a matchup more even when there is a heavy favorite. To cover a spread, a team needs to win or lose by a certain number of points.

For example, the New Orleans Pelicans are facing the Chicago Bulls. The Pelicans are +1.5 underdogs. To cover the spread, the Pelicans need to lose by one point or less or even win the game.


A parlay is when you combine multiple wagers into one bet. The catch, all of the wagers need to win or your bet loses. For example, you can pick five NFL teams to win on a Sunday. If any of the teams lose, you lose the entire parlay bet. Parlays are a way to give your odds a boost but with each leg you add the less likely the bet will win.


A prop bet is a wager on an outcome within a game that isn’t necessarily tied to the end result. There is an endless amount of props such as the first touchdown scorer, a player to hit a home run, and more. Sportsbooks have team, game, and player props available for a number of sports.


A futures bet is a wager on an event taking place down the road. For example, you can bet on the Super Bowl champ before the season even starts or who you think will win the MVP. Odds for future bets change throughout the season based on team performance, injuries, and more.

More Promotions with Online Sportsbooks in Louisiana

Sportsbooks will use offers and promotions to encourage new users to sign up. It’s a nice reward from a sportsbook for choosing their brand to get started. They are usually offered to new users but there are also rewards or offers for existing users. Here are some of the common promotions at top sportsbooks like DraftKings.

Bonus Bets

A bonus bet is one of the best promotions at a sportsbook. They can come in two forms. The first requires nothing but signing up. A sportsbook will give you bonus bets as a promotion to get you started at the sportsbook. For example, register as a new user and get $100 in bonus bets on the spot.

Other bonus bets come with a qualifying deposit bet. For example, bet 5 bucks and get 150 in bonus bets. To unlock the 150 bonus bets, you have to make a $5 wager at the sportsbook.

Deposit Bonus Match

A deposit match bonus is when a sportsbook will add bonus funds to your deposit up to a certain amount. For example, DraftKings has run a 20% deposit match bonus up to $1,000. If you deposit $100, the sportsbook would give you $20 in bonus funds. A $500 deposit would get you $100 in bonus funds and so on.

Second Chance Bet

A second chance bet welcome bonus might be referred to as first bet insurance, first bet offer, no sweat bet, and more. They all essentially mean the same thing. Your first bet is covered up to a certain amount if it loses.

For example, a sportsbook has a second chance bet offer of up to $500. If you bet $400 for your first bet and lose, the sportsbook will give you $400 in bet credits to cover the loss.

Refer Friends

Many sportsbooks will give you bonus bets for referring friends to the platform. Most sportsbooks require the new user to register using your referral link and place a minimum deposit before you receive your bonus. Check how much you can earn after you sign up with DraftKings Louisiana.

Odds Boosts

Daily odds boosts or odds boosts on big events are common at the top sportsbooks. A sportsbook will increase the odds to create a bigger payout for bettors. For example, a sportsbook might have an odds boost on a player to score a touchdown go from +350 to $450 for a specific game.

DraftKings Louisiana App and Site Banking Options

If you are looking to make your first deposit, DraftKings has a few options for those looking to get started in sports betting. For deposits, you can use major credit cards, Skrill, PayPal, and a few more options. The process time is instant and most have a $5 minimum deposit.

For withdrawals, there is PayPal, Check, wire transfers, and a couple more. The processing time depends on the method. Most take usually 1-3 days with a minimum withdrawal fee of $20.

Using Multiple Online Sports Betting Sites

While DraftKings is one of the best options in the state, you should always consider using multiple sportsbooks as well as your DraftKings account. This allows you to compare odds, lines, features, promotions, and more from the best available online sportsbooks. You should always see what a sportsbook offers before starting place wagers.

This is one of the best ways to get the most value as a bettor. One sportsbook might have better odds for a particular game or have bets for a sport not available on another. This is one of the best things about legal online sports betting. You aren’t limited to just one book and can shop around for the best options.

DraftKings Promo Code Louisiana FAQs

Is DraftKings Sportsbook live in Louisiana?

Yes. DraftKings LA is live and you can wager on the top sports teams in the state and around the world. Bettors have been able to use DraftKings since January 2022 in the state.

Can I bet using my mobile device in Louisiana?

Yes. Geolocation tracking will confirm you are within Louisiana as well as a parish that has legal betting. Then you can place wagers after downloading the DraftKings app. You can use DraftKings mobile to access your DraftKings Sportsbook account and wager on sporting events.

What types of bets are available on DraftKings?

There are plenty of bets to choose from at DraftKings such as moneylines, spreads, parlays, totals, props, futures, teasers, and same-game parlays. You can check out the long list of bets available by browsing the app or website.

Does DraftKings have same-game parlays?

Yes. There is a same-game parlay option for certain sports and games. By clicking on the SGP option you can start to build your same-game parlay.

Is there a sign-up bonus code offer at DraftKings Sportsbook?

Yes. There is almost always a DraftKings Louisiana bonus or offer available. They usually have a 20% deposit match up to $1,000 for new users. DraftKings also will have some sort of bonus bets that might require a qualifying bet.

Who regulates sports betting in Louisiana?

Sports betting is regulated by the Louisiana Gaming Control Board in the state.

21+ and Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.