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2023 NFL Mock Draft

2023 NFL Mock Draft, Version 2.0

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I talked a big game about putting one of these out every week, but it’s been three weeks now since my first 2023 NFL Mock Draft. At first it was the combine, then free agency, and if I keep making excuses, I won’t have this out until the night before the draft. So, just gonna rip the bandage off and do what I can. Not going to get too hot with the takes, going to mostly play the hand I’ve been dealt via the combine, the rumors, the reports and what’s transpired so far in free agency.

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2023 NFL Mock Draft, Partway Through Free Agency Edition

  1. Carolina – C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State
    • I do believe that the Panthers traded up without a firm decision made and will spend the next month deciding which QB is the best fit for their future so, I’ll use C.J. as a placeholder here based on the steam in the betting market and the fact that I think I like him the best of the four at the moment.
  2. Houston – Bryce Young, QB, Alabama
    • Another “conventional wisdom” pick with the Texans rumored to be enamored with the talented but tiny signal caller.
  3. Arizona – Will Anderson, Edge, Alabama
    • This is clearly and obviously a huge opportunity for the new GM to get an early win if some sort of bidding war can be built between whatever QB-needy teams are left, but that’s a lot of conjecture and drafting a player of this caliber with the needs they have should be considered a W.
  4. Indianapolis – Will Levis, QB, Kentucky
    • Gardner Minshew doesn’t change things, and Levis appears to be the archetype that this regime likes. Not overthinking this one five weeks out.
  5. Seattle – Tyree Wilson, Edge, Texas Tech
    • Maybe feeling themselves after nailing damn near everything in last year’s draft? Paying Geno and keeping Lock isn’t a full white flag on drafting a QB, but with the possibility that you don’t get your guy without trading up, getting an explosive edge rusher to bolter the defense is a nice way to keep pace with San Francisco.
  6. Detroit – Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon
    • Guessing plenty of mocks will have shifted away from the Lions adding a cornerback here, but with Moseley a bit of a question mark and the secondary being such an absolute dumpster fire last year, why not make it a strength. If Rodgers is gone and you can turn your pass defense into a strength, there aren’t a lot of NFC teams that should truly scare the Motor City Kitties.
  7. Las Vegas – Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida
    • Jimmy G is NEVER anyone’s long term plan A. This is an excellent landing spot for a project QB with upside.
  8. Atlanta – Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois
    • See: Detroit, turning a Dbacks into a strength. Adding Witherspoon along with Bates, Hughes and Terrell could take a lot of pressure off the pass rush and spark the start of a turnaround for a team in a weak division.
  9. Chicago – Paris Johnson, OT, Ohio State
    • This was a tough one for me to pull the trigger on with Carter on the board, but with so many needs and a feeling that it’s finally time to focus on putting pieces around Justin Fields, I like this move to go along with the Nate Davis signing.
  10. Philadelphia – Jalen Carter, DL, Georgia
    • I would have been shocked to have him this low a month ago, but the character concerns coupled with the rough workout last week don’t count for nothing. This would likely be an absolute gift for a team who already has a gift with a top 10 pick after a Super Bowl appearance. Off-field issues aside, the fit, the need and the value are real nice.
  11. Tennessee – Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern
    • The Titans will need to replace quite a bit of the offensive line and considering their other needs, this makes sense.
  12. Houston – Lukas Van Ness, Edge, Iowa
    • Probably a good case for a WR here with the departure of the oft-traded Brandin Cooks, but this is a team with a dozen picks now, they can take some stabs at receiver further down the board.
  13. New York Jets – Nolan Smith, Edge, Georgia
    • I guess they have QB figured out? In truth this is a great spot to trade back considering their needs and the positional value of who’s left. I hate penciling in mid-round trades so I went with a nice way to bolster their improved pass rush.
  14. New England – Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia
    • Strong area of need, and will be even more of a focus if the team adds a second FA wide out to go with JuJu.
  15. Green Bay – Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU
    • I like this fit a lot and also it’s objectively funny for Green Bay to use 1st round draft capital on a WR during Rodgers’ exit interview.
  16. Washington – Joey Porter, Jr., CB, Penn State
    • Three biggest (non-QB) needs were offensive line, new ownership, and cornerback. Nice progress on the first two, Porter is good way to finish the checklist.
  17. Pittsburgh – Calijah Kancey, DL, Pittsburgh
    • The Steelers are in a tough spot, needed a tackle or a corner with the top few options in both areas off the board. Traditionally a team that doesn’t keep it close to the vest, we may know the direction they’re headed sooner than later, but for not I have it too early to add to the interior OL and have them adding to the other side of the trenches.
  18. Detroit – Bryan Bresee, DL, Clemson
    • If going defense-defense here works and last year’s first rounders continue to improve (or in Williams’ case, start to contribute now that he’s healthy), maybe the hype is justified.
  19. Tampa Bay – Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas
    • No idea what Tampa is doing as far as team building, but this is a guy that goes top ten if he’s born 15 years earlier. I can’t put a RB that high, but he doesn’t seem likely to last long after the middle of the round.
  20. Seattle – Jordan Addison, WR, USC
    • Not the highest priority but, adding a serious WR3 with upside continues to help unlock an offense on the rise.
  21. Los Angeles Chargers – Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State
    • I almost just said “WR RUN!”, but this is the final one I have in the first. Obviously some other teams that may look at Flowers, et al, but there are only so many spots.
  22. Baltimore – Myles Murphy, Edge, Clemson
    • Similar to Patrick Queen, good defenders just seem to fall in Baltimore’s lap.
  23. Minnesota – Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland
    • Huge spot of need for Minny, perfect fit if they aren’t looking at a Thielen replacement until day two. Lost two CBs in FA, feels like a must even if they sign someone.
  24. Jacksonville – Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina
    • A FIFTH corner off the board to a team who will need to prioritize pass defense. Can play outside as well but would help at slot corner.
  25. New York Giants – John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota
    • Final mock may have a WR here, but it’s 50/50 between that an IOL help.
  26. Dallas – Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame
    • He dropped a bit compared to where I originally had him, but he’s a TE. I would think they’d look at both Kincaid and Mayer here to replace Dalton Schultz.
  27. Buffalo – O’Cyrus Torrence, OL, Florida
    • Tougher to mock the “good” teams who have lesser needs. After signing a running back in free agency, I’d want to get line help in this spot.
  28. Cincinnati – Brian Branch, S, Alabama
    • They need a Safety, since all of theirs left town.
  29. New Orleans – Will McDonald IV, Edge, Iowa State
    • Trading a retired coach for a shot in the arm pass rusher seems like a good deal.
  30. Philadelphia – Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas
    • T.J. Edwards and Kyzir White are gone, so this works.
  31. Kansas City – Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma
    • Bit of a theme emerging here, but the champs lost a couple of tackles. Like this to go with the Jawaan Taylor signing.

Hope to update this a bit more frequently now that we understand who’s added who. 2023 NFL Mock Draft v3.0 will be in the works the moment another free agent signs today.

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Author: Andy Molitor

Andy has been involved in sports betting on and off his entire adult life and has been creating content surrounding it for the past five years. While the NFL is his first love, he also bets hundreds of college basketball games every winter and loves sweating golf DFS during the football offseason.