Travis Kelce Naming NFL Head Coaches Is The Funniest Thing You'll See Today

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travis kelce naming NFL coaches

Travis Kelce Naming NFL Head Coaches Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

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How well do you know the NFL head coaches? It was a topic that came up on Jason & Travis Kelce’s podcast New Heights. Jason wanted Travis to look at the most recent group photo of the NFL head coaches and see how many he could name.  I sincerely laughed out loud several times watching this.


  • The first “who the f*** is that guy?” almost made me fall out of my chair.
  • Travis Kelce not recognizing either coordinator from the team he just beat in the Super Bowl was pretty great.
  • Once he got a clue about Zac Taylor he called him a “dawg” but also doesn’t know his name.
  • Jason calling Mike McCarthy “Matt Foley” is too on the nose.
  • I will never not call Sean McVay “Gordon Bombay” from now on.
  • Jason’s laugh throughout the video is infectious. 

How Many NFL Head Coaches Can You Name?

Before I watched the clip I went to Sporcle to see if I could just name all 32 head coaches. I was able to do it in four minutes. Two of them tripped me up. I know the Colts hired the Eagles Offensive Coordinator but it took me a minute to remember Shane Steichen’s name. I also couldn’t remember if the Bucs kept Todd Bowles or not and then couldn’t remember Todd Bowles’ name.

Travis Kelce couldn’t name nine of the 29 NFL head coaches just from looking at their pictures. Mike Vrabel, Nick Sirianni, and Frank Reich weren’t in attendance. I think I could do a little bit better than he could because I did recognize a couple of them that he missed. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I could name either of the Eagles coordinators from last year either.

I don’t think Travis Kelce has anything to be ashamed of. All in all, it was a pretty good effort. Surely someone might try to use this as motivation because football people are weird. My bet is on the Bengals. They seem to take things personally.

Author: Dan Weiner

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