A Bettor Is Just *ONE LEG* Away from Cashing an INSANE 17-leg Parlay

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A Bettor Is Just *ONE LEG* Away from Cashing an INSANE 17-leg Parlay


What would you do if you were one leg away from hitting a 17-leg parlay? That’s what one bettor has to decide between now and 10am Eastern Saturday Morning. 

One of our followers sent us this 17-leg parlay at DraftKings Sportsbook where the first 16 legs hit. They bet $10 to win $6,739.84 and will cash in if Aston Villa beats Nottingham Forest at home in a Premier League fixture. 

The bettor picked mostly moneyline favorites. The winning teams in the parlay include the Yankees, Brewers, White Sox, New York Rangers, Oilers, Panthers, Devils, Nets, Hawks, Pelicans, Mavericks, Clippers, Guardians and Angels. They also hit the under 8.5 on an Orioles-Rangers game.

So now the bettor has a few options:

  • They can cash out at +3529 odds.
  • They can hedge and bet Nottingham Forest.
  • They can sell their ticket on PropSwap.
  • They can let it ride

There isn’t a profitable way to hedge here. The only way that makes any sense is to just bet enough on Forest to cover the initial stake. That said, it’s not the worst way to make sure you don’t walk away with nothing if you want to let it ride.

Let us know in the comments what you would do.

Author: Dan Weiner

Hailing from Atlanta and attending college at the University of Texas, Dan is passionate about sports, particularly college football and soccer. He's a diehard Atlanta pro sports and Texas Longhorns fan. He likes every sport and will watch anything and everything the weirder the better. He joined Betsperts after an 11 year career in television production at ESPN.