Russell Westbrook Fights With Suns Fan At Halftime of Game 1

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Russell Westbrook Fan Altercation

Russell Westbrook Fights With Suns Fan At Halftime of Game 1

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Russell Westbrook was the star of the night in the NBA Sunday. Brodie had a VERY Brodie performance shooting 3-19 from the field, but still leading the Clippers to a 115-110 win in Game 1 over Phoenix. Westbrook’s work on the glass and ability to set up teammates was pivotal. He also preserved the win by locking down Devin Booker on the pivotal possession of the game.

We now know what might have inspired Westbrook’s stellar second half.

Westbrook is seen getting into an argument with a fan at halftime of last night’s game. Westbrook says, “watch your mouth motherf*****” to a fan who shouts back “take it like a man!”

What exactly the fan wants Westbrook to “take like a man” isn’t known so that was odd. It also looks like Westbrook went into a hospitality suite to try and fight with people, but surely there’s more to that story. Nevertheless, it was part of the Westbrook hat trick: poor shooting, incredible athleticism that impacted the game, and a fight with a fan.

Russell Westbrook Has History Of Fan Arguments

Early this season, Westbrook got into an argument with a Lakers fan who was upset that Westbrook went 0-11 from the floor in a 103-97 loss to the Clippers. The fan told Westbrook he was so bad to which Westbrook retorted, “come say it to my face.”

In December, Westbrook got into an argument with a Bucks fan. Westbrook alleged that the fan directed profanity toward him. Arena security questioned the fan who was given a warning and allowed to stay in the stands.

Westbrook’s most serious incident with a fan happened in Utah in 2019. A Jazz fan allegedly made racist comments toward Westbrook. Westbrook responded by saying, “I swear to god, I’ll f— you up. You and your wife, I’ll f— you up. Promise you on everything I love, I promise you.”

Jazz players came to Westbrook’s defense and the fan was issued a lifetime ban from the Jazz’s arena. The fan sued the Jazz, but a judge threw the suit out in 2021.

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