Philadelphia Bought 1,500 Gallons of Lube in Case the Eagles Win

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The City of Philadelphia Received 1,500 Gallons of Lube in Case the Eagles Win the Super Bowl


Most of my emails are press releases and spam emails from the site of my favorite sports teams that want my money that they will never invest in building a championship roster. But every once in a while, I get a real head-scratcher. This one involves the Eagles potentially winning the Super Bowl. Well, sort of.

This afternoon I got an email from the communications director for ‘CamSoda’ an adult film company. The email was presumably sent to the email addresses of those who write about sports, specifically the NFL and the Eagles.

How do the two correlate? Well, take a look for yourself

Yep. ‘CamSoda’ is sending 1,500 gallons of lube to Philadelphia to assist in greasing the light poles in the event of an Eagles victory on Sunday.

“Right now the city of Philadelphia is greasing its light poles as a preliminary public safety measure to deter zealous, raucous people from climbing them should the Eagles win the Super Bowl on Sunday.

“CamSoda – an adult entertainment company – is sending a truck filled with (28) 55-gallon drums containing lube (that’s 1,540 gallons to be exact) to protect Eagles fans from themselves when they – potentially – take to the streets to celebrate the Eagle’s victory on Sunday night. Each drum will be filled with 75% lube and 25% wiz.”

Lol. Alright. Cool.

The email continues:

“Here at CamSoda, we know the people of Philly love the Eagles, cheesesteaks, and wiz. We wanted to lend a helping hand to the Philly fanatics – who have been known to take to the streets to celebrate a huge sports victory – including dangerously scaling light poles,” said Daryn Parker, Vice President, CamSoda. “To protect raucous Eagles fans against themselves, we wanted to hand deliver a truck full of lube – mixed with some delicious wiz – to grease the light poles in and around the city with. Lube proves more difficult to scale than Crisco. And the smell of wiz is just…yum.”

“To protect raucous Eagles fans against themselves,” is quite the statement lol.

The email doesn’t specifically say who is footing the bills for the truckload of lube, but I’m reading it as the city of Philadelphia is.

That’s just awesome!

According to the release, “greasing the city’s utility poles has been done as far back as the Phillies’ 2009 championship run and featured prominently in news stories around the Eagle’s 2018 Super Bowl victory, which involved fans tearing down traffic signals after climbing the light poles.”

Credit for the feature photo goes to CamSoda.

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.