Football Is Fun: Will An Eagles Fan Eat Horse Poop Again?

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Football Is Fun: Will An Eagles Fan Eat Horse Poop Again If They Win Super Bowl 57?


Sunday is a big day at the city of Philadelphia prepares to cheer on the Eagles in Super Bowl 57. Philadelphia has a reputation of being one of America’s wildest sports cities. It has long been known as a hostile environment for opposing fans and, of course, Santa Claus. However, Philadelphia is also one of our most exuberant sports cities.

Simply put, the City of Brotherly Love goes buck wild when its teams win big games (… hence the 1,500 gallons of lube received by the City – yes, that’s a real thing). What is going to happen if the Eagles win Super Bowl 57?

Grease Can’t Stop Them

One of the best rivalries in sports is Philadelphia sports fans against light, street and any other kind of pole that you’ll find in any city. Philly fans are so apt to try and climb light poles in celebration the city has taken to greasing them to try and keep fans from scaling to the top.

As I’m sure you’d imagine, that hasn’t stopped them from trying. Far from it.

Greasing the poles has turned into a sort of rallying act for Philly sports fans. 

“When we hear they’re greasing the poles, we hear that as a challenge, like ‘Grease them jawns, we’re going to come climb them,’ Sean Hagan told NPR. Hagan was arrested after climbing a light pole in celebration of the Phillies clinching a spot in the World Series this fall. 

The charges were eventually dropped when famed attorney Chuck Peruto took Hagan’s case. When asked how the court date went, Peruto responded in kind: ““How do you think it went? I can fuck up a two-car funeral,” he told Philadelphia Magazine.

One can only wonder if Hagan will once again climb his way to glory if the Eagles win Super Bowl 57.

The Best Moment From Super Bowl 52 (And It Isn’t Philly Special)

Super Bowl 52 was epic. Not only was the game an awesome shootout, the Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl and beat the Patriots in the process which is also a good thing. Philly Special was the most memorable moment on the field, but it wasn’t the best moment that night.

No, the best moment that night was an Eagles fan eating horse poop.

So look, I LOVE sports. I love the teams I root for. I paid a lot of money to go to a World Series game in Atlanta in 2021. I’m not sure if there’s an amount of money you could pay me to eat horse poop.

That’s why Philadelphia has the reputation it has. Most cities settle for disorderly conduct and maybe even a little property destruction. Philadelphia takes it to the next level. I can’t wait to see what they do if they win this time. And honestly, I’m also a little mortified.

Author: Dan Weiner

Hailing from Atlanta and attending college at the University of Texas, Dan is passionate about sports, particularly college football and soccer. He's a diehard Atlanta pro sports and Texas Longhorns fan. He likes every sport and will watch anything and everything the weirder the better. He joined Betsperts after an 11 year career in television production at ESPN.