NFL Combine Bench Press Tracker

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NFL Combine Bench Press Tracker


The scouting teams at the NFL Combine use the bench press to test the athletes’ muscle strength and endurance. NFL hopefuls are asked to lift a 225-lb (102 kg) barbell for as many full, consecutive reps as possible. The NFL Combine Bench Press is the biggest test of strength the players will face this week in Indianapolis.

This isn’t a typical training method, so these tables may not feature some of the more popular names in the 2023 draft class, but here’s a look at the best performers in the bench press, first overall then by position.

For a full recap of the NFL Combine with all measurements and positions, has a live updated results tracker.

Top 10 Bench Press Overall

RankPlayerPositionSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Mazi Smith DTMichigan34
2.Lonnie PhelpsEDGE Kansas31
3.Jaquelin RoyDTLSU30
4.Tyler Lacy DEOklahoma State30
5.Keion WhiteEDGEGeorgia Tech 30
6.Moro OjomoDTTexas29
7.Owen PappoeLB Auburn29
8.DJ JohnsonEdgeOregon28
9.Jalen RedmondDT Oklahoma27
10.Noah SewellLBOregon 27

Defensive Line

The following members of the defensive line posted the most bench press reps at the 2023 NFL Combine.

RankPlayerPositionSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Mazi Smith DTMichigan34
2.Lonnie Phelps EDGEKansas31
3.Jaquelin RoyDTLSU30
4.Tyler LacyDEOklahoma State30
5.Keion WhiteEDGEGeorgia Tech 30
6.Moro OjomoDTTexas29
7.DJ Johnson Edge Oregon28
8.Jalen RedmondDTOklahoma27
9.Adetomiwa AdebaworeDENorthwestern27
10.Zach HarrisonEDGEOhio State25


The table below shows the 10 linebackers with the most 225-lb bench press reps at this year’s NFL Combine.

RankPlayerSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Owen PappoeAuburn 29
2.Noah SewellOregon27
3.Isaiah Moore NC State26
4.Trenton SimpsonClemson25
5.Jeremy BanksTennessee25
6.Shaka HeywardDuke22
7.SirVocea DennisPittsburgh 19
8.Charlie Thomas Georgia Tech 18
9.Cam JonesIndiana17
10.DeMarvion OvershownTexas 15

Defensive Backs

Below you’ll find the 10 cornerbacks and safeties with the most bench reps at the 2023 NFL Combine

RankPlayerPositionSchool Bench Press (reps)
1.Trey Dean IIISAFFlorida25
2.Sydney Brown SAFIllinois23
3.Jammie RobinsonSAFFlorida State23
4.Daniel ScottSAFCalifornia22
5.Chamarri ConnerSAFVirginia Tech20
6.Rashad Torrence IISAFFlorida20
7.Clark Phillips IIICBUtah18
8.Ji’Ayir BrownSAFPenn State18
9.Brandon Joseph SAFNotre Dame17
10.Cory Trice Jr. CB Purdue17

Wide Receivers

Here’s a look at the 10 wide receivers with the most bench press reps at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine.

RankPlayerSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Michael WilsonStanford23
2.Jonathan MingoMississippi22
3.Jaray JenkinsLSU20
4.Jacob CopelandMaryland20
5.Andrei IosivasPrinceton19
6.Justin ShorterFlorida18
7.Jason BrownleeSouthern Mississippi16
8.Parker WashingtonPenn State16
9.Michael Jefferson Louisiana16
10.Mitchell TinsleyPenn State14

Tight Ends

This table shows the 10 tight ends who benched pressed 225 lbs the most consecutive times at this year’s NFL Combine event.

RankPlayerSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Brenton StrangePenn State23
2.Zack KuntzOld Dominion23
3.Tucker KraftSouth Dakota State23
4.Darnell Washington Georgia21
5.Will MalloryMiami20
6.Travis VolkolekNebraska20
7.Brayden WillisOklahoma 20
8.Blake WhiteheartWake Forest20
9.Noah Gindorf North Dakota State16

Running Backs

These 10 rushers posted the most bench press reps at the 2023 NFL Combine.

RankPlayerSchoolBench Press (reps)

For a more thorough list of all measurements and on-field drills, check out the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine: Schedule, Participants, & Live Updated Results at