NFL Combine Results: Top Performers from 2023 On-Field Workouts

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NFL Combine Results: Top Performers from 2023 On-Field Workouts


Over 300 NFL hopefuls have gathered in Indianapolis at the 2023 NFL Combine to meet with scouts, coaches, and media ahead of this year’s NFL Draft. This is a great opportunity for the staff to dig a little deeper into the prospects via interviews, on-field drills, and medical testing, as well as for fans to get an idea of how each potential rookie measures up to their peers using their NFL Combine results.

This article will feature the results of each on-field workout, showcasing the top 10 producers at each individual event. Tables will be updated as each position group participates in the drill. For full results including all 300+ participants, head over to and check out their live 2023 NFL Scouting Combine tracker.

NFL Combine Results

40-Yard Dash

The following 10 prospects ran the fastest 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine in 2023.

RankPlayerPosition School40 Time
1. DJ Turner IICBMichigan4.26
2.Jakorian BennettCBMaryland4.30
3.Devon AchaneRBTexas A&M4.32
4.Trey PalmerWRNebraska4.33
5.Deonte BanksCBMaryland4.35
6.Emmanuel ForbesCBMississippi State4.35
7.Derius DavisWRTCU4.36
8.Kelee Ringo CBGeorgia4.36
9.Darius Rush CBSouth Carolina4.36
10.Jahmyr GibbsRBAlabama4.36

20-Yard Shuttle

Below you’ll find the 10 players with the fastest 20-yard shuttle time at this year’s NFL Combine.

RankPlayerPositionSchool20-yd Shuttle
1. Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWROhio State3.93
2.Julius Brents CBKansas State4.05
3.Darnell WashingtonTEGeorgia4.08
4.Jack KuntzTEOld Dominion4.12
5.Andrei IosivasWRPrinceton4.12
6.Bryce Ford-WheatonWRWest Virginia4.15
7.Ronnie BellWRMichigan4.15
8.Daniel ScottSAFCalifornia4.17
9.Stetson BennettQBGeorgia 4.20
10.Kei’Trel ClarkCB Louisville4.21

3 Cone

This table contains the 10 players with the best 3-cone performance at the 2023 NFL Combine

RankPlayerPositionSchool3 Cone
1. Jaxon Smith-NjigbaWROhio State6.57
2.Julius BrentsCBKansas State6.63
3.Jack Campbell LBIowa6.74
4.Daniel Scott SAFCalifornia 6.75
5.Andrei IosivasWRPrinceton 6.85
6.Jack KuntzTEOld Dominion 6.87
7.Jaylen JonesCBTexas A&M6.88
8.Grant DuBoseWRCharlotte6.89
9.Clayton TuneQBHouston6.89
10.Marvin Mims Jr. WROklahoma6.90

Vertical Jump

Below you’ll find the 10 NFL hopefuls with the highest vertical jump at the 2023 NFL Scouting Combine.

1.Jartavius MartinSAFIllinois44.00″
2.Jason Taylor IISAFOklahoma State43.00″
3. Deonte BanksCBMaryland42.00″
4.Nolan SmithEDGEGeorgia41.50″
5.Julius BrentsCBKansas State41.50″
6.Christian GonzalezCB Oregon41.50″
7.Bryce Ford-WheatonWRWest Virginia41.00″
8. Rashee RiceWRSMU41.00
9.Jakorian BennettCBMaryland40.50″
10..Anthony RichardsonQBFlorida40.50″

Broad Jump

These 10 players performed best in the broad jump in this year’s NFL Combine.

RankPlayerPositionSchool Broad
1.Julius BrentsCBKansas State11’6″
2.Deonte BanksCBMaryland11’4″
3. Jalin HyattWRTennessee11’3″
4.Demario DouglasWRLiberty11’2″
5.Quentin JohnsonWRTCU11’2″
6.Cam Smith CBCarolina11’2″
7.Tyler ScottWRCincinnati11’1″
8.Jakorian BennettCBMaryland11’8″
9. Jartavius MartinSAFIllinois11’1″
10.Christian GonzalezCBOregon11’1″

Bench Press

This table features the 10 NFL prospects with the highest number of consecutive 225 lb reps at the 2023 NFL Combine.

RankPlayerPositionSchoolBench Press (reps)
1.Mazi Smith DTMichigan 34
2.Lonnie PhelpsEDGEKansas31
3.Jaquelin RoyDTLSU30
4.Tyler LacyDEOklahoma State30
5.Keion WhiteEDGEGeorgia Tech 30
6.Moro OjomoDTTexas29
7.Owen PappoeLBAuburn29
8.DJ JohnsonEDGEOregon28
9.Jalen RedmondDTOklahoma 27
10.Noah SewellLBOregon27