Cardinals New Uniforms and Other NFL Bullets

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Cardinals New Threads, Teams Calling Dolphins About Trading Down, and Other NFL Bullets


I love when teams get new uniforms, so I was excited for last night’s Cardinals reveal. To be clear, I’m not interested in seeing certain teams get new looks, the Bears being one of them. The “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” rule applies to teams like the Bears, Packers, Cowboys, and a few others. However, the Cardinals’ uniforms were broken. Contrary to the ire of some on Twitter last night, they did a nice job fixing them.

  • First, if you missed last night’s reveal, here’s the thread that the Cardinals put together on Twitter with information on each of the three looks:

  • The Cardinals nailed two-thirds of this re-design. The road whites and the alternate blacks are excellent. They’re clean and have an updated return to their classic look. We’ve seen many teams follow this trend in recent years. Remember the Browns albatross of a re-design in 2015? How did they fix it? They went with an updated classic look. New England’s did the same with their jerseys in recent years. Other teams (like the Jets and Falcons) should take notes because their new looks are UGLY.
  • Of course, the Cardinals’ re-design comes with a critique from me. I’m not in love with the red home look. The large “Arizona” script across the chest is part of a stupid trend we saw the Browns use during that atrocious 2015 look. It’s also something the Jets and Falcons use currently, and I dislike both of those looks.
  • If the Cardinals had ditched or scaled the “Arizona” across the chest down significantly, they would have been pretty good. They also should have gone with the same sleeve design as the other two jerseys. Still, the new look is pretty clean overall and will age well, unlike many modern re-designs.

  • Alright, let’s shift to some kicker news! Everyone loves kicker news, right!?
  • The Buffalo Bills have signed Tyler Bass to an extension. According to NFL Media’s Peter Schrager, bass will get $12.3 million guaranteed over four years and can make up to $21 million.

  • Bass’s new deal puts him in the company of Seattle’s Jason Meyers ($12.3M) and Pittsburgh’s Chris Boswell ($12.5M) in guaranteed money. Justin Tucker ($17.5M) and Matt Gay ($13M) are the only kickers making more guaranteed money than Boswell, Bass, and Tucker.
  • Speaking of kickers, Robbie Gould is still looking for a home for his 19th season in the NFL in 2023. Gould recently said he would sign a deal with the Bears “in a heartbeat.” Still, Chicago has Cairo Santos under contract on April 21. Unfortunately, nothing on that front has materialized, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.
  • Still, Gould did say to on Thursday that he would like to place close to his home in Chicago. He also listed some achievements that he wanted to hit before hanging ’em up.

“Well first, I want to win a Super Bowl, obviously that means a lot to me. And secondly, it comes down to wanting to be able to score 2,000 points, maybe hit 500 field goals, and ultimately just win,” Gould said. “It’s been fun for me to be in now my fifth NFC championship, three in San Francisco and two in Chicago, and having the ability to play at that level, it gets me excited. So any time I can find a team where I’m getting that opportunity, then there’s nothing like playoff football.”

  • Best of luck, Robbie!
  • The Miami Dolphins forfeited their first-round pick in this year’s draft as a penalty for tampering. However, Miami GM Chris Grier says that teams have called the Dolphins about moving back, making it possible for the Dolphins to pick in the first round after all.
  • Grier told the Palm Beach Post, “We’ve had a couple of teams in the bottom half of the first round reach out about saying they would be interested in coming down possibly if their guys aren’t there, and if we’d be interested in moving.”
  • If Miami doesn’t trade up, they won’t pick until No. 51.
  • This seems like an overreaction:

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.