Here are the Best NFL Schedule Release Videos!

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All My Favorite NFL Schedule Release Videos!

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The 2023 NFL schedule is here. Finally, thank you. I understand why they release the schedule way that they do, but also … it’s a bit much. The one thing that makes it all worth the wait? The social media release videos. I love seeing the creativity in these yearly releases. Honestly, they’re my absolute favorite part of the whole process, and they’re only getting better.

You’ve probably caught a few of them already (some are going viral), but odds are you didn’t catch all 32. Luckily, I spent last night watching all 32 team schedule release videos. And we’re going to talk about the best of them here today!

The Best of the Best

Tennessee Titans

The Titans were the clear-cut winners on Thursday night. They put together a video of not-so-knowledgable football fans taking a stab at naming their opponents week by week by simply showing them the opponent’s logo. It was equal parts hilarious and timely. In the day and of TikTok, morphing one of the more popular TikTok trends into a hilarious NFL mashup was perfect.

This was so good that the Atlanta Falcons played along and changed their Twitter display name to the “Red Stallions” as one of the participants called them!

Hats off the the Titans social team, they killed this one!

Los Angeles Chargers

If you thought that the Chargers couldn’t top their anime-themed roast session from last season, you thought wrong. This one is chocked full of knee-slapping burns for each of their opponents, including a very special message for the Detroit Lions 😂!

Chicago Bears

The Bears channeled their inner Bear, putting together a spin off of the popular Hulu original show set Chicago. Bears legend Peanut Tillman was the head chef and the video included a cast of current and former players and super fans. It was simple, funny, and had that Chicago flavor.

“Hey, if you with the Vikings, get to hiking!”

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars took the NFL “script” gag to a whole new level in this one …

New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints did it too! However, the Saints used the same idea, but channeled their inner early 00s MTV for it:

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns combined cartoons, Celebrity Death Match, wrestling, and put it all together with a vibe that resembled Bleacher Report’s wildly popular Gridiron Heights:

Note: This is the portion of the post where I only share select tweet embeds so that I don’t crash your computer. But I’ll include links for the others!

Pretty Good

Buffalo Bills

The Bills revealed their schedule while helping some of their players realize their wildest dreams …

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers schedule release was an instructional video on how to make a schedule release video with some comedic flavor:

Detroit Lions

“Congratulations, you just got Amon-Ra St. Clowned!”

Meh …

Green Bay Packers

The 90s late-night infomercial concept wasn’t too bad …

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs went with a bevy of references to how much we all use our phones these days. It wasn’t bad, but it could have been better:

Better Luck Next Year

Arizona Cardinals

Why even try?

Author: Patrick K. Flowers

Patrick is the Lead NFL Writer at Bleacher Nation. You can follow him on Twitter @PatrickKFlowers.