Is Tom Brady Looking to Become a Raiders (Owner), and Other NFL Bullets

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Is Tom Brady Looking to Become a Raiders (Owner), NFLPA Looking Into Agent for 2023 NFL Draft Conduct, and Other NFL Bullets


Tom Brady is back in the headlines again. Fortunately, not for football-related reasons. Well, on the field football-related reasons, anyway. Instead, Brady’s off-the-field business ventures and upcoming commitment to his mega-deal at FOX is the hot topic.

  • According to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham and Adam Schefter, retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady is “deep in discussions” to become a limited partner of the Raiders. Tom Brady and Raiders owner Mark Davis recently struck another partnership in sports. Brady announced purchasing a stake in the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces ownership in March. Davis is the primary owner of the WNBA’s defending champions. 
  • According to the ESPN report, Brady’s stake in the Raiders would be “passive” and include no operational control or authority over the club in business or football matters. ESPN could reach neither the Raiders nor Tom Brady’s agent for comment on the story.
  • Hey, good for him. Brady isn’t ready to stroll off into the sunset quite yet. He wants to remain active in the sports world, and he’s long been an investor in various businesses, including his own TB12 product line. So getting a piece of the pie in Vegas is a no-brainer for a guy with money to invest, such as Brady. However, Brady’s 10-year, $375 million contract with FOX is set to begin in 2024. People outside of Brady’s team have been expressing doubts about his commitment to the deal lately. According to the ESPN report, FOX has “blessed” the potential arrangement between Brady and the Raiders. But, of course, it has to actually happen first. If Brady and Davis reach an agreement, Brady has to be vetted and approved by 24 current NFL owners.

  • The league has approved the sale agreement between the Washington Commanders’ owners and the group led by Josh Harris:

  • According to Adam Schefter, the Commanders and a partnership led by Josh Harris have entered into a purchase agreement. Harris’ group includes Magic Johnson — who also owns a part of the Los Angeles Dodgers — and Mitchell Rales, a Washington-based billionaire with a net worth of $5.5 billion. This group attempted to purchase the Denver Broncos last summer. The Walton-Penner group ultimately purchased the franchise for $4.65 billion. Harris also owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils.
  • However, according to a report by ESPN’s Seth Wickersham, “Dan Snyder and his lawyers are lobbying the NFL to limit the release of attorney Mary Jo White’s report into sexual misconduct allegations and financial improprieties against the embattled Washington Commanders owner, sources told ESPN.”
  • The Commanders vehemently denied the allegations in response to the ESPN report. “completely false and a blatant fabrication by someone with no actual knowledge of this matter.”

  • According to a recent report by ESPN’s Brooke Pryor, the NFLPA is investigating allegations that player agent David Canter provided his vacation homes to teams as a potential incentive for drafting his clients in the 2023 NFL Draft. It has been reported that Canter represented a total of 21 athletes in the draft, including Jayden Reed (drafted by the Packers) and Desjuan Johnson (drafted by the Rams).

  • Canter’s attorney gave ESPN a statement on Friday, claiming that “Mr. Canter did not engage in any wrongdoing” and is cooperating:

“We are aware that the NFLPA is looking into communications between my client and various management personnel of certain NFL teams. Mr. Canter did not engage in any wrongdoing and he is fully cooperating with the NFLPA. We expect the situation to be resolved shortly.”

  • Regarding the ongoing investigation, it is important to note that Canter may face disciplinary action. Depending on the outcome of the investigation, possible consequences could include fines, suspension, or even the revocation of his agent’s certification. Ultimately, the decision on any disciplinary measures for Canter will be made by the Committee on Agent Relations and Discipline (CARD), a select group of current and former players appointed by NFLPA President JC Tretter and advised by the NFLPA’s legal team.
  • Farewell, old, not so much a friend…

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