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North Dakota Online Sports Betting

The top sportsbooks are making their mark across the country as we are seeing sports betting throughout the country start to be legalized in states. The best online sports betting sites are attracting new users with offers and more to get millions in on the action. What about gambling in North Dakota? Here’s what you need to know about North Dakota online sports betting.

It’s an odd situation. The state’s federally recognized tribes offer sports betting at retail locations on their reservation lands. In 2021, lawmakers actually rejected a motion to allow for a ballot to make retail sports betting officially legal at tribal locations instead of the compact clauses.

There have been no real repercussions for the tribes and they continue to offer sports betting at their retail locations. They don’t provide any online gambling if you are looking to bet on college or professional sports from home.

A sports betting bill would have to be passed to allow ND sports betting to open up to mobile betting apps. This would give more betting options in North Dakota to sports fans.

Online Betting on Sports in North Dakota

There is no online sports betting in North Dakota. Online sports betting remains illegal. North Dakota lawmakers shot down legislation that would have allowed online sportsbooks to enter the state in 2021 for the 2022 November ballot. Sports wagering will have to wait at least until next year before another bill can be proposed for a vote. This keeps online sportsbooks in North Dakota from starting up.

Latest North Dakota Sports Betting News

With lawmakers rejecting the change for legal sports betting on the ballot in terms of online options, it looks like North Dakotans will have to look to 2024 and hope for a new bill to vote on. That means the state wouldn’t legalize sports betting online until at least 2025.

North Dakota residents might be waiting a while for sports betting sites. For now, they can visit sportsbooks at retail casinos at federally recognized tribes. Tribal casinos have sports betting options in ND but it must be done in person. There are still no North Dakota sportsbooks online or mobile betting options.

Retail Sportsbooks in North Dakota

There are just a couple of options for legal North Dakota sports betting. You can visit a few retail locations for your sports gambling. These include the Dakota Magic Casino and Hotel which is run by the Dakota Nation Enterprise. There is also the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge along with the Sky Dancer Casino & Resort.

Daily Fantasy Sports in North Dakota

Daily fantasy sports contests in North Dakota exist in a legal grey area. The state’s laws do not specifically address DFS, leaving it in a state of ambiguity where it is neither legal nor illegal. Despite the unclear legal status, law enforcement has not taken any action against DFS providers in North Dakota.

Consequently, individuals can participate in DFS contests offered by providers such as DraftKings and FanDuel. While it’s generally advisable to avoid websites with unclear legal statuses, DraftKings and FanDuel are legitimate companies with domestic operations and a history of complying with state laws.

Horse Racing Betting in North Dakota

Despite North Dakota’s laws being less than ideal, the state boasts a comprehensive approach to horse betting. It offers all three primary avenues for betting on horse racing, and individuals can place bets from the comfort of their own homes.

One way to wager on horse races in North Dakota is by visiting one of the two live horse racing tracks in the state. These venues hold approximately six race days during the summer months, typically in July, and feature pari-mutuel wagering.

There are also off-track betting locations around the state and you can bet online. The online options include deposit wagering sites such as TVG, FanDuel Racing, and TwinSpires.

Bet Types at the Best North Dakota Sportsbooks

You can visit a casino on tribal grounds to bet on sports in the state of North Dakota. You will see plenty of different bet types with these ND sportsbooks at in-person locations.

Here are some of the bet types North Dakota bettors will come across if they are looking to bet on the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks or North Dakota State University Bison along with pro sports. There are no professional sports teams in North Dakota.


A moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game straight up. You’re betting on the winner. Favorites are usually listed with negative odds while an underdog will have positive odds.

For example, you check betting odds and see the Minnesota Golden Gophers are -120 favorites vs Rutgers. If the Golden Gophers are victorious, it would take a $120 bet to win $100.

Point spreads

When you make a point spread bet, you’re betting on the margin of victory or defeat. Each team is given a point value to balance the odds. Point spreads allow you to bet on either team, even if one is heavily favored to win.

For example, you might see the Minnesota Timberwolves are -8.5 point favorites vs the Chicago Bulls. The Bucks would need to win by nine points or more to cover the spread.

Betting lines for point spreads usually come with odds around -110 on both sides. A $110 bet would win $100. Point spreads are one of the most popular bet types.


When you make a total bet, it’s also known as an over/under bet. You’re betting on the total number of points that both teams will score in the game. The sportsbook will set a line on how many points they think will be scored.

For example, the total for the Colorado Rockies vs Chicago Cubs game is 7.5 runs. For an over bet to win, at least eight runs or more need to be scored in the game. If the game ended 6-4, it would be an over because 10 total runs were scored.


A prop bet is a wager on a specific outcome within a game. Keep in mind, the outcome is not necessarily tied to the final result. Some people find these bets more enjoyable. Sportsbooks offer props on different outcomes for players, teams, and games.

There are a variety of outcomes such as how many points a player will score, how many rebounds a player will have, how many touchdowns a QB will throw for, and more. For example, Russell Wilson might have his over/under for passing yards set a 272.5. You are betting whether he will be over or under that mark in the game.


A futures bet is looking at an event or outcome down the road. Betting on which team will win the championship or what player will win the NBA MVP. These odds change throughout the year based on performance, injuries, and more. You can track futures of major sports teams and players on the top online sites throughout the year.


A parlay bet is when you combine multiple outcomes into one single bet slip. This gives you a boost in odds but comes with a catch. To win a parlay, all of the bets have to win. With each leg you add to the parlay, the probability of winning the bet goes down.

For example, you can select three NFL teams each to win on a Sunday in the fall. If any of the teams lose, your bet loses. If all the teams win, you receive your payout based on the odds.

Live Betting

There has been a boom in live betting as sports bettors enjoy placing wagers as an event happens. The odds and lines quickly changed based on the action. There are all sorts of live betting options from traditional bets to props and more. You can bet on what will happen on the very next play and more.

North Dakota Online Sports Betting FAQs

Is sports betting legal in North Dakota?

Yes. Sports betting is legal at tribal casinos that are federally registered. You have to bet in person at a retail location. There are a couple of casinos for sports betting in the state. Sports betting remains legal on approved tribal grounds.

What are the best online betting sites in North Dakota?

Due to there being no North Dakota legislative push to allow online sports betting, there are no legal online betting sites in the state. It would take an amendment to allow online sports betting sites. Until then, there are no online sports betting sites available for sports betting throughout the state.

Can I bet with an online sportsbook from my mobile device in North Dakota?

No. There are no legal online options for sports betting on US sports or international events. If you want to bet on sports legally, you have to visit a retail location in the state.

When will there be any North Dakota sports betting bills in 2023?

It looks like there will be no sports betting legislation in 2023 in North Dakota. The earliest we could see betting laws put in place would be after a vote in 2024. This means if everything goes perfectly, North Dakota online sports betting sites could be up in 2025. The state is still a long way away from legalizing online betting options in North Dakota.

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