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Get Bonus Bets on a No Run First Inning (NRFI) for MLB Sunday Night Baseball!

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The MLB No Run First Inning Bet is a popular type of wager among baseball fans. This bet involves predicting whether the first inning of a game will be scoreless or not. If there are no runs scored in the first inning, then the bettor wins their wager. This type of bet is enticing to many because it can provide quick and easy profits. Additionally, bettors do not necessarily need to have a significant knowledge of baseball to be successful with this bet. 

However, it’s important to consider some factors that can increase or decrease the probability of a scoreless first inning, such as the pitchers on the mound and the weather conditions. Overall, the MLB No Run First Inning Bet is a simple yet exciting way to engage with baseball games and potentially earn some money.

April 16th Sunday Night Baseball Preview – Texas Rangers @ Houston Astros

  • Mauricio Dubon seeks to extend his 10-game hitting streak as the Houston Astros (7-8) take on the Texas Rangers (8-6) and Nate Lowe, who has a 10-game hit streak of his own. The Astros are listed as -200 favorites on the moneyline for the contest, which starts at 7:08 PM ET on Sunday, live on ESPN from Minute Maid Park.
  • Astros odds to win: -200
  • Rangers odds to win: +168
  • Spread: Astros -1.5
  • Total: 7.5 runs

Sunday Night Baseball No Run 1st Inning

  • A No Run First Inning (NRFI) for tonight is currently priced at -128
  • A Yes Run First Inning (YRFI) for tonight is currently priced at +100
  • The Astros have been involved in nine NRFI’s through their first 15 games (60%).
  • The Rangers have been involved in eight NRFI’s through their first 14 games (57%).
  • Texas starting pitcher Andrew Heaney has a bloated 8.22 ERA at this point of the season, but it’s paired with a very unlucky .368 BABIP.
  • Houston starting pitcher Framber Valdez (1.89 ERA) has allowed only one run in the first inning over his three 2023 starts.

NRFI Bet: With an implied probability of 56% on NRFI odds on Sunday Night Baseball, it makes for a great bet, considering the numbers above point towards that number being slightly too low. 

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Best NRFI Betting Sites and Sportsbook Promos

The world of sports betting is vast, and MLB is no exception. With a plethora of betting options, it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy MLB betting site. Some of the best MLB betting sites include DraftKings, PointsBet, and BetMGM. These sites offer a wide range of betting options, including moneylines, over/unders, run lines, and first inning prop bets. 

They also provide competitive odds and promotions, making them popular choices among sports bettors. Additionally, these sites have user-friendly interfaces, easy deposit and withdrawal methods, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re an experienced bettor or new to the game, these MLB betting sites are great options for all of your baseball betting needs.


DraftKings Sportsbook

21+ and present in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Bonus Bets!

DraftKings Sportsbook is an online platform that offers sports betting opportunities to its customers. It is a legal sports betting platform that is available in various states in the United States. It is known for its user-friendly interface, extensive sports coverage, and strong customer support. Customers can place bets easily on various sports events and get access to a variety of promotions and bonus bets offered by the platform. DraftKings Sportsbook also provides its users with live game statistics, betting trends, and other relevant information to help them make informed betting decisions.

The platform has quickly become one of the most popular sports betting sites due to its ease of use and innovative features. Overall, DraftKings Sportsbook is a highly recommended platform for sports betting enthusiasts.


PointsBet Sportsbook

States: CO, IA, IL, IN, KS, LA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, OH, PA, VA, WV

SIGN-UP BONUS!Up to $50 Each

PointsBet Sportsbook is a popular online sports betting platform that has gained immense popularity among sports enthusiasts. The platform offers a wide range of sports events for users to place bets on, including major US sports leagues such as NFL, MLB, MLB, and NHL, as well as international sports such as soccer, cricket, rugby, and more.

It offers a unique betting feature known as “PointsBetting,” which allows users to win or lose money based on the accuracy of their bets. The platform is user-friendly and accessible through both its desktop and mobile applications, making it convenient for users to place bets regardless of their location. Additionally, PointsBet offers users a variety of promotions and bonus bets, including a generous welcome bonus for new users. Overall, PointsBet is a reliable and entertaining sports betting platform that continues to expand and improve.

BetMGM Sportsbook



21+ and in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$1,000

BetMGM is one of the major players in the sports betting industry and one of the best online sportsbooks. You’ll find BetMGM has live betting, competitive odds, a smooth interface, and more when betting on your favorite MLB teams.

The sportsbook has offered promotions and bonuses in the past, such as First Bet Offers of up to $1,000. The sportsbook will cover your first bet up to the maximum if it loses. The BetMGM MLB moneyline is some of the best sportsbook lines you can find while placing a wager on any MLB team to win. 


Caesars Sportsbook



Caesars Sportsbook is one of the most popular sports betting apps in the United States, offering a smooth and user-friendly experience for both novice and experienced gamblers. The app is free to download and is available on both iOS and Android devices. Caesars Sportsbook offers a wide range of sports to bet on, including football, Baseball, Baseball, hockey, soccer, and many more. Users can place bets on MLB lines, over/under, spread, and various futures and prop bets.

The app also provides users with real-time scores and odds, making it easy to keep track of all ongoing games and betting events. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and enjoyable sports betting experience, Caesars Sportsbook is definitely worth a try.


FanDuel Sportsbook

First online real money wager only. $10 first deposit required. Bonus issued as nonwtihdrawable bonus bets that expires in 14 days. Restrictions apply. See terms at

21+ and present in Participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$1,000

The FanDuel Sportsbook app is a mobile betting platform where users can place wagers on their favorite sports teams or NRFI events. The app offers a wide range of betting options, including live in-game betting, parlays, and prop bets. Users can also take advantage of generous promotional offers, such as risk-free bets and referral bonuses. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear and concise betting lines for each game.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing for convenient access to the platform from anywhere. Overall, the FanDuel Sportsbook app is a great option for sports betting enthusiasts looking for a reliable and enjoyable mobile betting experience. Their current deal will get you $ 150 in bonus bets on any market, regardless of whether your first bet wins or loses! Simply sign up and make your first deposit to get going!

What to Consider with an Online MLB Betting Site or MLB Betting Apps

When choosing an online MLB betting site or MLB betting app, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it is important to check if the site/app is licensed and regulated to ensure that your personal and financial information is secure. You should also consider the range of betting options available, such as moneyline, point spread, and over/under bets. Additionally, look for features like live betting and cash-out options. A good MLB betting site/app should also provide competitive odds and timely payouts.

User experience is also important, so make sure the site/app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Finally, consider the customer support available, including options for contacting them and the hours of operation. Overall, by taking these factors into account, you can find a reliable and enjoyable MLB betting experience online.

Top MLB Betting Site Banking Options

When it comes to betting on MLB games, choosing a site with a variety of safe and secure banking options is crucial. The top MLB betting sites typically offer a range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. Credit and debit cards are the most commonly accepted form of payment, while e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller provide a convenient and efficient way to move funds in and out of your account. Bank transfers are also widely accepted, but may take longer to process than other methods.

Finally, some sites may even accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which provide a high level of anonymity and fast transactions. It’s important to consider each site’s banking options before making a deposit, to ensure the method you prefer is available and convenient for you.

Online Sportsbook Offers and Bonuses for MLB Bettors

Online sportsbooks are always looking to attract new players and keep their regular bettors happy with lucrative offers and bonuses. For Baseball fans, there are plenty of great promotions available when betting on the MLB. Some sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses for new customers, such as free bets or deposit matches.

Others provide ongoing promotions, such as money-back guarantees if your team loses by a certain point margin or boosted odds on select games. It’s important to shop around to find the best deals, and to read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand the requirements for claiming the bonuses. These offers and bonuses can be a great way to maximize your winnings and make your MLB betting experience even more exciting.

Offers for 2023 MLB Regular Season, MLB Playoffs, and MLB World Series

The MLB regular season, playoffs, and the World Series are always highly anticipated by Baseball fans worldwide. The 2023 season is expected to be one of the most exciting yet, and fans can already start planning for it by taking advantage of the many offers that are available. For the regular season, fans have the option to purchase season tickets which guarantees them a seat for all home games. There are also various packages available that provide discounts for multiple game tickets.

During playoffs, fans can purchase individual game tickets but should act quickly as they sell out fast. Finally, for the MLB Championship, fans have the opportunity to purchase travel packages that include hotel accommodations and game tickets. Regardless of the option chosen, fans can always look forward to an exciting and unforgettable MLB experience.

How to Bet on Gambling Sites for MLB Baseball

If you want to bet on MLB Baseball games on online gambling sites, there are a few things you should consider. First, you need to find a reputable site that offers MLB betting opportunities. Once you’ve found a site you like, you’ll need to create an account and deposit money. From there, you can browse the available betting options and choose the type of bet you want to make. Common MLB bet types of MLB bets include moneyline bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets. 

Before placing your betting action, it is important to do your research on the teams and players involved. Look at their recent performances, injuries, and any other relevant information that could impact the outcome of the game. With a little bit of knowledge and some luck, you could make a profit betting on MLB Baseball games.

Options for Betting on Baseball Betting Sites

Baseball betting sites offer a plethora of options for bettors to place their bets on. From the most obvious one – the winner of the game – to more specific options, such as point total, over/under, spread, and handicap bets. Bettors also have the chance to bet on specific events, such as which player will score the most points or get the most rebounds.

Baseball betting sites also offer unique and interesting options, such as futures betting, which allows bettors to predict the outcome of an entire season or tournament. Finally, live betting allows bettors to place wagers while the game is in progress, meaning bettors can react to the ebb and flow of the game and make informed decisions. The array of options available on Baseball betting sites ensures that bettors can place their wagers based on a deep knowledge of the sport, as well as their own instincts and preferences.

Wrap-Up: Best MLB Sportsbook Promos

Finding the right MLB betting site can be a daunting task, but these top picks provide excellent options for all types of bettors. Bovada offers a user-friendly platform with a vast selection of Baseball lines, including live betting options. Betway and BetOnline provide competitive odds and a variety of promotions and bonuses.

DraftKings and FanDuel offer daily fantasy sports where users can compete against each other in daily tournaments. These sites are all trustworthy and reliable, making MLB betting accessible and exciting for all users. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of sports betting, these top MLB betting sites are sure to provide you with an enjoyable and profitable experience.

For further reading on all of the best MLB betting sites, you can head right here for a second opinion

Best MLB Betting Promos and No Run First Inning FAQs

Suppose you’re looking for top-quality MLB betting sites. In that case, you should definitely check out our extensive list of recommended sites that offer incredible odds, generous betting bonuses, and a wide range of betting options. Wondering what makes these sites the best in the business? You can find answers to all your questions in our dedicated MLB betting sites offer FAQs section. 

Here you’ll find a wealth of information related to bonuses, payment methods, odds, markets, how No Run First Innings work, and more. So, whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a newbie, be sure to check out our MLB betting sites for 2023 FAQs to find out what makes these sites stand out from the crowd.

What is MLB No Run First Inning (NRFI) Betting?

MLB NRFI betting is a relatively new concept in the sports betting industry. NRFI stands for “No Run First Inning,” which means that the bettor is essentially wagering on both teams’ inability to score a run in the first inning of a baseball game. This type of bet is particularly attractive to those who want to limit their exposure to risk and who are looking for a quick, low-risk way to make some money. Essentially, you’re betting on the fact that the first inning will be scoreless, which can be a challenge for even the best teams.

Though the top of the lineup typically features the best hitters on each team coming up to bat, the idea is that the starting ace is also at his best. So, with a limited number of pitches, the bettor is hoping for the first six outs to occur before a run will be scored.

While there are no guarantees in sports betting, NRFI betting is considered one of the safer options available. With a little bit of research, you can start enjoying the thrill of NRFI betting today!

What is MLB YRFI Betting?

MLB YRFI Betting is a type of betting that focuses on predicting the total runs scored in a Major League Baseball game in a specific inning of the game. YRFI stands for “Yes Round First Inning,” the opposite of No Run First Inning. The bettor has to predict whether the total runs scored in the first inning of the game will be over or under a specific number set by the sportsbook. MLB YRFI Betting requires knowledge of the pitchers, their tendencies, and the team’s performance in the first inning.

It also takes into account any conditions that may influence scoring, such as weather, ballpark dimensions, and the opposing team’s defense. Punters need to consider this before placing their bets. This type of baseball betting has become increasingly popular among MLB fans and sports bettors because it adds another level of excitement to the game while allowing for potential winnings.

What are some MLB NRFI betting strategy tips?

There are several MLB NRFI (no-run first inning) betting strategy tips that can help increase your chances of winning. The first tip is to thoroughly research the two starting pitchers’ statistics for the season and their past performance in the first inning. The second tip is to consider the weather conditions and stadium factors that may impact scoring in the first inning. Another useful tip is to look at the offensive and defensive strengths and weaknesses of the two teams playing.

Keep in mind that it may be beneficial to avoid betting on teams with strong offenses but weaker starting pitchers. Additionally, it may be helpful to monitor line movements and track betting trends to gauge public sentiment. Finally, limit your wagers to a small percentage of your bankroll to manage your overall risk. With these tips, you can make informed bets, increase your chances of winning, and manage your bankroll effectively.

What should I look for in an MLB sports betting site?

When it comes to selecting an MLB sports betting site, there are several factors that you should consider. Firstly, check the site’s reputation and credibility among other bettors. Secondly, look for a website that offers a wide range of betting markets, odds, and betting options. Since MLB games and events happen frequently, you’ll want a site that always offers fresh and updated odds. Thirdly, examine the site’s user interface and experience. Ideally, the site should be user-friendly, with quick load times and easy navigation to the sports, leagues, and wagers you’re interested in.

Lastly, check whether the site offers sign-up bonus codes, promotions, and other special offers to new and returning customers to maximize your bettors’ value.

Are MLB betting sites in the 2023 MLB season safe and legit?

Sports betting sites can be both safe and legit, but it’s crucial to do your research before signing up. The majority of top sportsbooks are legitimate businesses that comply with all applicable laws and regulations. They use SSL encryption to protect your personal and financial information, and they have a reputation for paying out winnings promptly. However, there are sites that are scams, so you have to be cautious.

To avoid getting scammed, check the website’s licensing and regulatory status, read customer reviews, and look for third-party certifications. Also, ensure that the site has a solid track record and safeguards your information by using double authentication methods. Ultimately, it’s crucial to be cautious when dealing with online sports betting sites to safeguard yourself and your hard-earned money.

What bonuses or promotions are available for MLB betting?

MLB betting comes with an array of bonuses and promotions, as there are always new and exciting opportunities to take advantage of. Many sportsbooks offer sign-up bonuses, which typically include match deposits, risk-free bets or free bets. These bonuses are designed to attract new customers, and can be highly rewarding. In addition to sign-up bonuses, there are other promotions that are available for MLB betting enthusiasts, such as reload bonuses and cashback offers. Some sportsbooks also have loyalty and VIP programs, which provide regular players with free bets, enhanced odds, and other exclusive benefits.

To keep things interesting and maintain player engagement, some sportsbooks also run contests and giveaways during the MLB regular season or playoffs, such as bracket challenges or pick’em games. Overall, MLB fans should review the promotions offered by different sportsbooks and choose the ones that offer the best value and rewards for their betting preferences.

How do I find the best MLB betting odds?

To find the best MLB betting odds, one needs to do some research and comparison. The first step is to identify a reputable betting site that specializes in MLB betting. Check for the site’s reputation, trustworthiness, and track record of timely payouts. Once you have shortlisted a few sites, compare their betting odds for the same Baseball match or event.

Consider the betting odds and look for value bets on games and the MLB MVP where the odds are better than what you think they should be. Lastly, it is important to manage your bankroll and not fall prey to emotional betting or chasing losses. With some patience and due diligence, one can find the best MLB betting odds and maximize their winnings.

21+ and Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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