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Sportsbook Promo Codes

The top sportsbooks are dishing out welcome offers, sign-up bonuses, promo codes, and more to encourage new users to signup. Here’s what you need to know about sportsbook promo codes from the best sports betting websites and apps.

Legal sports betting is growing as each state can now decide if it wants to legalize sports betting. The best sportsbooks are competing for users across the US to prove they are at the top of betting options.

Top Sportsbook Promos from Betting Sites

Online betting has brought the opportunity for the best promo codes, offers, and bonuses. The top names can run promotions on sports betting apps and websites to help attract new users. Here are a few of the top sportsbooks and their latest sports betting promo codes.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook

21+ and present in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Bonus Bets!

With DraftKings Sportsbook, you can get solid promotions throughout the year. The sportsbook offers odd boosts, bonus bets, and more. Don’t miss out on the latest offer.

DraftKings is one of the most popular sportsbooks. It is known for having solid NFL odds as well as a great user experience. Most users like the solid interface and navigation.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook



The Caesars Sportsbook promo code includes a bet on the house. You can get up to a $1,250 bet on Caesars. With this sportsbook offer, your first bet is covered even if it loses.

Caesars has one of the best VIP loyalty programs in the industry. You can earn points for placing bets that can be redeemed for bonus bets, rewards, and more. All users can earn points for placing bets. The platform also has solid promotions, odds, and more.

BetMGM Sportsbook



21+ and in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$1,000

The best sportsbook bonus at BetMGM is a First Bet Offer of up to $1,000. If your first bet loses, you will get bet credits to cover the loss up to $1,000.

BetMGM is a solid option with live streaming, live betting, solid odds, a rewards program, and more. It’s one of the top names in the industry.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook

First online real money wager only. $10 first deposit required. Bonus issued as nonwtihdrawable bonus bets that expires in 14 days. Restrictions apply. See terms at

21+ and present in Participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$200 in Bonus Bets
10x First Bet

FanDuel has promotions that have included offers like a No Sweat First Bet, bonus bets, odds boosts, and more. Check out the latest offer.

FanDuel has given the spotlight to the Same Game Parlay and is a top option for live betting. The live odds with the sportsbook are great and the live betting experience is top-notch compared to other books.

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook

States: IL, NY, NJ, PA, CO, IA, IN, MI, WV, VA

SIGN-UP BONUS!4 x $50!

PointsBet has a Second Chance Bet offer available if you choose the sportsbook as your option to place a bet. You can get five Second Chance Bets of up to $50 each. Sports bettors get one Second Chance Bet a day for five days. Your first bet of each day counts towards the second chance bet.

PointsBet has a unique bet type called “Points Betting” that allows users to earn more on spread bets than what traditional odds provide. You can be rewarded for how much your team wins by over the spread. Be careful because this always works the other way. You can lose more if your bet is wrong.

BetRivers Sportsbook


States: IL, NY, NJ, PA, CT, AZ, CO, IN, IA, MI, VA


BetRivers, like PointsBet, also has a 2nd Chance Bet. New users can get up to $500 if their first bet loses. Let’s say you make a deposit of $100 and bet on the Chicago Cubs. If the Cubs lose, you will get the $100 back in bet credit. 

With BetRivers, you can get iRush rewards points for placing wagers. The sportsbook is growing as it has plenty of sports and bet types to choose from.

Barstool Sportsbook

Barstool Sportsbook



At Barstool Sportsbook, new users can get a first bet insurance of up to $1,000. Like other sportsbooks, the bonus credit will cover you if your first wager loses. It’s a nice way to start with Barstool and have a little more confidence in that initial bet.

Barstool has made a name for itself on social media and now has a solid platform to go along with it. The sportsbook has a nice interface and some features worth checking out.

How to Find the Best Sportsbook Promo Codes

How do you find which sportsbook bonus code or promotion to claim? Here are a few steps to consider when looking for a betting promo code.

Look for Value

As you start legal online sports betting, you want to get off on the right foot. One of the best ways is to find the most value in a sports betting promo code. Value could be as simple as, what sportsbook is giving out the most in bonus bets or credits.

Value can also pertain to your sports betting strategy. If you plan to make a large initial wager, the best value might be a site with a second chance bet with the highest maximum value.

Read the Fine Print

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions. Tons of bettors miss out on promo codes because they don’t understand how to claim them. Some of these offers might have a qualifying bet attached or might be required to use on a particular game. Don’t miss out because you skimmed the terms or didn’t ask any questions.

Look for Reputable Sportsbooks

You will find the best offers with regulated and reputable sportsbooks. Also, you can know you will be able to actually claim the code. These sportsbooks have to follow strict guidelines and rules. If they have a specific offer, you will be able to claim it.

If you are using a sportsbook that doesn’t have a solid reputation, there is no guarantee the promo codes will even work or that you will get the bonus they promised.

Compare Sportsbook Promo Code Offers

There is no harm in comparing your options. That is the beauty of betting online. You can check and compare the different bonuses that are out there. See which offer benefits you the most and fits your betting strategy.

If you are looking to make a deposit, check for a sportsbook with a deposit match bonus. Maybe you just want to start with some bonus bets. Look through the different online sportsbook bonuses to find what works for you.

How to Use a Sportsbook Bonus

You’ve taken the first step and claimed your bonus. Now, how in the world do you begin to use it? There are a few things to consider. Check to see if the bonus requires a qualifying bet or needs to be wagered on a specific game.

For example, the sportsbook might be giving out $200 in bonus bets for placing a $5 bet. You would need to deposit $5 and then make a bet to claim the offer.

Also, pay attention to what sports and bet types the offer can be used on. Many promotions are available to be placed on all sports or a good chunk of what the sportsbook offers. Some might have specific rules such as a bonus bet on the Super Bowl. It just depends on the sportsbook.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, check the fine print and ask questions. You need to understand the rules attached to sportsbook promo codes so you don’t miss an opportunity when betting.

Don’t Rush 

A common mistake for sports bettors is they will waste their sportsbook promotions quickly. Just because you have bonus bets doesn’t mean you have to use them instantly. Take some time to research what you plan to bet on and develop a strategy. Don’t make the mistake of rushing in. If that’s the case, you might as well not have any bonuses to begin with.

How to Choose a Between the Best Sportsbook Promotions

How would you begin to decide which promotion or bonus offer is the right one to use? Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you figure out what promo code to claim.


Many sports bettors will skip this part when signing up for legal sports betting sites to claim offers. Check to see if you are eligible to claim the offer. There are many factors such as age, state, and whether or not you’re a new user that can keep you from claiming a promotion.

Bonus Type

There are several different bonus types and differences in how promo codes work on each site. Take a deeper look at the bonus type. We mentioned earlier that you are looking for value in these promotions. Find a bonus type that fits your strategy and will give you the most benefit.

Personal Preference

When looking at the promo codes on the market, you’ll want to pick one that fits your strategy and preference. This is why it’s important to have a sports betting strategy. You need to know what you are going to do after you receive a bonus bet or claim an offer such as a FanDuel No Sweat First Bet.

Also, figure out what sportsbook you are comfortable using. When you have the offer to use, you want to be able to understand what you are doing on the platform as well. Claim sportsbook promo codes and sign-up. Then check out the user interface to get comfortable.

Sportsbook Reputation

If you want to claim the best sportsbook bonus codes, you will want to choose sportsbooks with great reputations. Take a look at reviews and see what users have been saying about different sportsbook promo offers. This is vital to finding the best sportsbook promo code offers.

Stay away from sportsbooks with a poor reputation or no reputation at all. These will not have the best online sportsbook promos and bonuses to choose from.

Claim Promos at Multiple Sportsbooks

Don’t be afraid to claim multiple sportsbook promo codes. You can download multiple betting apps and go through the sports betting sign-up process. Take advantage of this and claim offers from different sportsbooks.

You might find you can use a sportsbook promo code on one site that another site doesn’t have. The top sports betting apps and websites have lots of offers and not all are the same. You should get as many bonus funds, bet credits, and second-chance bets as you can.

There are many different sports betting promo codes and bonuses. You might not have heard of all of them. Here are a few that are extremely common promo codes and bonus codes.

Bet Bonus

A bet bonus is a bet or site credit provided by a sportsbook. Sometimes, this type of promotion will come with hardly any strings attached. For example, a few sportsbooks have given out $200 in bonus bets to new users for launch days. The bets might be divided up into smaller bets.

The nice thing about bonus bets is, most of the time, you might not even have to make a deposit. You get a bonus for signing up. There are some that might have a deposit attached but it’s usually pretty small in value.

Second Chance Bet

A second chance bet is basically the same thing as a no-risk bonus, first bet insurance, no sweat bet, and more. These terms mean the same thing. Your initial wager is covered if it loses. Sportsbooks will put a cap on the value of the bet. For example, FanDuel has had its No Sweat First Bet usually set around $1,000.

You decide to bet on the Chicago Bears with a wager of $150. The Bears lose. For a second chance bet, a sportsbook will give you $150 in bet credit to cover the loss.

Sportsbook Deposit Bonus

For a deposit bonus, a sportsbook will give you bonus funds when you deposit into your sportsbook account. A deposit bonus can have a percentage attached such as 20% or might be a set value.

Deposit Match

A deposit match is when a sportsbook will give you bonus funds based on how much you deposit. Some sportsbooks have a 100% deposit match that goes up to a certain value. A deposit bonus and match can be similar. For these, you’ll need to read the fine print sometimes to find the best value.

Odds Boost

Sportsbooks will increase the odds for a specific bet to give bettors the chance to score a bigger payout. These can be in the form of daily odds boosts or one game. For example, a few sportsbooks had a 56 to 1 odds boost for Super Bowl 56. If you bet on one team, you would get 56 to 1 odds if they won. Sportsbooks have a max bet for odds boosts.

Referral Bonus

Many sportsbooks will give out bonus bets or funds to a user who gets new bettors to sign up through their referral link. For most of the sportsbooks, the user has to signup and make a deposit for the referral bonus to be granted.

Loyal or Rewards Programs

Some sportsbooks will have a rewards program. You can get rewarded for placing bets and earn points. The points can then be redeemed for rewards, bonus bets, merchandise, and more depending on the sportsbook.

Bet Types and Markets on Sports Betting Sites

There are quite a few betting markets available on the top sportsbooks. Here are the most common types you will see before you go to place your first bet.


A moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win the game or event. The score doesn’t matter. You check the odds and see the Chicago Blackhawks are -150 favorites. A $150 bet on the Blackhawks would win $100.


A total bet is also called an over/under. You are betting on the combined score of both teams. A sportsbook sets a line and you will bet over or under that number.

For example, you bet the over for the Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks game. The line is set at 220.5. You would need 221 points or more scored in the game. If the game ended 120-110, you would win. That is 230 total points scored.

Point Spreads

Point spread bets are looking at the margin of victory or defeat. They are extremely popular bets and many sports bettors will use their football betting promo codes on spreads.

If you see the Chicago Bears are +5.5 underdogs for the Chiefs, they would have to lose by five points or less to cover the spread. They also cover the spread if they end up winning the game.

Spread bets usually have odds of -110 on both sides. A $110 bet would win $100.


A prop bet is a wager on a specific outcome within a game. There are team, game, and player props. You can bet on which player will score a touchdown or hit a home run. Sportsbooks have increased their amount of props in recent years. They are extremely common in major sports.

For example, you might see the odds for AJ Brown to catch a touchdown be listed at +350. A $100 would win $350.


A future bet is what it sounds like. You are placing a wager on an event or outcome in the future. Sportsbooks list odds for teams to win championships, players to win awards, and more during the season. You can place a wager at that time and hope you end up being right.

Common future bets include a team winning the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Championship. You can bet on which player will win the Heisman or who will win the NFL MVP Award.


For parlay bets, you can combine multiple picks into one bet slip. The odds will go up but the probability of winning is less likely. This is because all of the bets have to win for the wager to get paid out.

On an NFL weekend, you might select the Bears, Browns, and Steelers to win. If any of the teams lose, the entire bet loses.

Live Betting

In-game betting has taken off and is an option for using bet credits or a welcome bonus. Sportsbooks have odds and lines that are constantly changing during the game. You can bet on the action with wagers such as moneylines, spreads, totals, props, and more.

The popularity has grown with online sports betting sites as sports bettors enjoy using mobile apps at home. You can watch the game and place wagers trying to predict what will happen next.

The most popular sportsbooks have a long list of sports to choose from. As sports betting has grown, sportsbooks have continued to add more and more niche sports to accompany the most popular options.

You will find the top sports such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, and soccer. Sportsbooks have expanded in recent years to include sports such as tennis, cricket, darts, boxing, and more.

As the industry grows, bettors should see even more sports and markets offered. In the past few years alone we have seen a massive growth in props and live betting for sports such as basketball, baseball, and football.

Wrap-Up: Find Your Online Sportsbook Promo Code

Now you have a better idea of how to claim and use the best sportsbook promo codes that are on the market. Take the time to do research and find the best value for your bet.

Sign up for multiple sportsbooks. This will allow you to compare the best promo code offers. You can also claim multiple across the different sportsbooks to place your bets. The best way for you to get value as a bettor is to compare and research. This will go a long way in helping out your bankroll when you get started.

Sportsbook Promo Codes FAQs

What sportsbook has the best sports betting promotions?

This will come down to your personal preference. You will have to see what promotion fits your betting strategy. You will find common bonuses at all sportsbooks such as bonus bets, second chance bets, deposit matches, and more.

Is sports betting in the US legal?

Yes, but not in every state. The decision is made on a state-by-state basis. There are over 20 states that have legal sports betting up and running. These include Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and more.

How do I claim bonuses and promo codes?

Most promo codes are automatically applied when you sign up or register. If you need to enter a promo code, it is usually done before starting the sign-up process.

What sportsbooks offer promo codes?

Most of the major sportsbooks and top brands will offer promotions. These are a great way to get new users to sign up. You will see promotions throughout the year from DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, and more.

Do I need to deposit to claim top promo code offers?

You might have to make a deposit for some offers. Some promotions require a qualifying deposit or bet. That’s why it’s important to read the terms and conditions so you understand how to claim the promotion.

21+ and Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.