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The White Sox Turned THREE Triple Plays in 2016 (VIDEO)

Incredible Plays

It’s December and, as a baseball fan does, I’m thinking back on the season that was. There’s so much awesomeness to remember that you sometimes can remember only a snippet, and then you’ve gotta do a little digging to, like, fully remember what you remember.

That is to say, this evening, I remembered something about the Chicago White Sox having more than one triple play in 2016, which is pretty crazy when you think about how infrequently triple plays occur.

So I looked for the video on the triple plays, only to be reminded: no, Brett, the White Sox didn’t turn two triple plays in 2016. THEY TURNED THREE triple plays in 2016!


Watch and enjoy the necessarily crazy feat:

If you’re thinking that’s rare, yeah, it’s rare. No team has turned three triple plays in a season since 1979 (when, unbelievably, both the A’s and Braves did it – I guess the game was played differently in 1979 with runners all reckless and what-have-you).

The White Sox even managed to get the three “kinds” of triple plays that you think of: the traditional around-the-horn grounder to third, the “oh no, was that line drive caught or not?”, and the “what in the world are those base runners doing why didn’t that guy score what the heck there are three outs now what just happened?!?”