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BetMGM Sportsbook Promo Code and Bonuses

The best sports betting sites across the US are offering promos and bonuses to new customers. As the online sports betting industry continues to expand, it will be extremely competitive to attack new players and bettors. BetMGM is one of the top brands out there. Here’s what you need to know about the latest BetMGM Sportsbook promo code, welcome bonus, and more.

BetMGM Promo Codes and Offers



21+ and in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$1,000

BetMGM online offers a nice bonus offer for new users signing up for the sportsbook. You get a First Bet Offer of up to $1,000 when you register for a new account. Your first bet is covered if it loses.

You decide to bet on the Chicago Bears to win vs the Seattle Seahawks. The bet is for $700. Unfortunately, the Bears end up losing the game. BetMGM will give you $700 back in bonus bets to cover the loss. It’s a nice incentive to make your first deposit and place a bet. BetMGM has your back if your first bet loses.

How to Use a BetMGM Sportsbook Promo Code

Most promo codes and welcome offers on sports betting apps are applied automatically. When you click on the referral link, it will already be applied or entered. Now, this is not always the case for every offer. That’s why it’s important to check before signing up as a BetMGM customer.

Promo codes usually need to be added before you start the registration process and have an account with BetMGM. Ask questions about how to use the BetMGM bonus code if you have them. Don’t sign up and miss out on the chance for a bonus code or promotion.

When legal sports betting, there are all sorts of promo codes that can be used for different reasons. Some might require a qualifying bet or a minimum deposit. Essentially, there are promotions that require a bet of a certain amount to get access to the bonus funds.

Also, there are special offers that are used for specific bet types or games. For example, sportsbooks use this kind of offer around events like the Super Bowl.

Sports betting decisions are made by each state. you can’t use the BetMGM mobile app in every state. If you plan to give BetMGM Sportsbook a try, you first need to check if your state has legal online sports betting.

BetMGM is legal in the following states – Arizona, Colorado, Washington D.C., Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

A few states have specific restrictions when it comes to online betting. You’ll find states where you can only place wagers at retail locations where in-person betting is allowed. Other states have rules on placing bets on college teams located in the state.

Types of Sportsbook Promotions

Sportsbooks will commonly use promotions to attract new users and even have options for existing users. We’ve talked about the exclusive BetMGM welcome bonus, but here are a few more terms you will come across when it comes to promotions.

First Bet Insurance

This type of promotion goes by many different names. With that being said, they mean the same thing for the most part. You’ll see Second Chance Bet, First Bet Offer, No-Risk Bonus, First Bet Insurance, and more. Essentially, your first bet is backed by the sportsbook if it loses.

Say you decided to bet $315 on the Chicago Cubs to beat the Colorado Rockies. The Cubs end up losing the game by a score of 10-2. BetMGM offers a first bet offer. If you placed a bet with the sportsbook, you would receive $315 in bet credits to cover the loss.

Bet Bonus

One of the most popular sportsbook promos is the bet bonus. Users can receive bet credits by signing up or making a deposit. It’s a great way to attract new users as some offers don’t require a deposit, allowing bettors to start placing wagers with no risk. Bonus bets are often divided into smaller bets and may only be eligible for use on specific events.

Like in the past, BetMGM may give out bet bonuses when new states launch. In the state of Ohio, new users were able to get $200 in bonus bets if they registered before the state went live.

Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit bonuses are offered in a few ways. The first is a deposit match, which is a percentage of the amount you deposit. For instance, if a sportsbook offers a 25% deposit match and you deposit $100, you will get an extra $25 in bonus funds.

Alternatively, a sportsbook may offer a set amount for the deposit bonus, such as $75 in bet credits, regardless of how much you deposit.

Odds Boosts

Sportsbooks offer odds boosts to give bettors a chance at a bigger payout. These boosts may be available daily or for specific games, giving users the opportunity to place bets with enhanced odds.

Promotions like this may be available for prop bets or big games. Major odds boosts are also available for big events like the Super Bowl or the first game of the NFL season.

Referring Friends

You can refer your friends to a sportsbook and get rewarded for it. Most of the time, they have to make a deposit and place a bet for you to get the bonus bet reward. Referral bonuses usually are around $25-$100 depending on the sportsbook.

Tips for using BetMGM Sportsbook Promotions

You have access to BetMGM and are ready to use the BetMGM promo code. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind as you check out what BetMGM has to offer.

Read the Terms

It’s crucial to read the terms and conditions before accepting any offer from BetMGM or any other sportsbook. The terms and conditions provide the specific rules for the offer, and it’s important to understand what you’re agreeing to.

Unfortunately, many users in the industry miss out on offers because they don’t read the fine print. So take the time to read the terms and conditions to ensure that you don’t miss out on any BetMGM bonus codes or promotions.

How to Claim the Code

When using a BetMGM bonus code or offer, it’s important to follow the instructions provided. Some offers will be automatically claimed, while others may require you to take certain actions like placing a qualifying bet or making a deposit into your BetMGM account. 

For instance, you may be able to get bonus bets, but you’ll need to make a minimum deposit into your sportsbook account to claim the offer. Be sure to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the offer before using a BetMGM bonus code or promotion.

Research and Do Not Rush

For new users of the BetMGM platform, it’s important to take the time to develop a strategy before placing bets. While bonus bets or credits can be enticing, it’s important not to bet on the first thing you see. Don’t burn through your bonus offer too quickly.

Instead, take the time to research and find the best possible first wager. This will increase your chances of making a winning bet and getting the most out of your bonus bets or credits. Take the time to access BetMGM and its features before you use this code.

Benefits of Using a BetMGM Sportsbook Promo Code

A BetMGM Sportsbook bonus gives you extra funds to start betting with, providing a nice boost. Promo code offers can help you place your first wagers with less risk, boosting confidence.

Some bonus bets don’t require a deposit, so you can start betting using bonus money. BetMGM covers your first bet, allowing you to place a larger wager with less worry. If your first wager loses, BetMGM rewards you with bet credits to try again.

BetMGM Sportsbook Compared to Other Top Sportsbooks

There are a lot of sportsbooks that will be trying to get you to enter a bonus code in addition to the BetMGM offer. Here are a few popular sportsbooks you will find with promotions.


FanDuel Sportsbook

First online real money wager only. $10 first deposit required. Bonus issued as nonwtihdrawable bonus bets that expires in 14 days. Restrictions apply. See terms at

21+ and present in Participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.$1000
No Sweat First Bet

FanDuel’s app and platform are highly regarded, and the live betting options are some of the best available. FanDuel’s same-game parlay feature allows bettors to combine multiple picks from a single game.


Caesars Sportsbook



Caesars Sportsbook has a great rewards program to add to its already strong platform. You can live stream, live bet, and more with the popular sportsbook.

New users can get a bet on Caesars up to $1,250. If your first bet loses, you will get bet credit to cover it from the sportsbook.


DraftKings Sportsbook

21+ and present in participating states. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

Bonus Bets!

DraftKings is known for having a user-friendly platform and solid odds for NFL betting. You can place all sorts of wagers including live betting on the platform.

The sportsbook has run promotions such as bet $5 and get $150 in bonus bets. New users could get $150 in bonus bets if their $5 pre-game moneyline bet ended up winning.


Barstool Sportsbook



Barstool Sportsbook is a relatively new sportsbook in the industry, but it has already gained a large following due to its entertaining and engaging approach. With its emphasis on social media and sports-related content, Barstool has quickly become a popular destination for sports bettors.

Barstool has had a sign-up bonus that has worked like first-bet insurance of up to $1,000. This means your first bet is covered if it ends up losing.


PointsBet Sportsbook

States: IL, NY, NJ, PA, CO, IA, IN, MI, WV, VA

SIGN-UP BONUS!4 x $50!

PointsBet is also a relatively new sportsbook to the market that has quickly gained popularity due to its innovative and exciting approach to sports betting. With its unique PointsBetting feature and user-friendly interface, PointsBet is a popular choice for those who want to try something new and different.

PointsBet has used promotions that include Second Chance Bets. These protect your first bet with the sportsbook if it loses.



States: IL, NY, NJ, PA, CT, AZ, CO, IN, IA, MI, VA


BetRivers is a sportsbook that is known for its competitive odds and user-friendly platform. With a wide variety of sports and events to bet on, BetRivers offers a fun and engaging experience for sports bettors of all levels.

Like PointsBet, BetRivers has also used 2nd Chance Bets to encourage new signups. In the past, we have seen offers of up to $500 on your first bet.

Top Features of BetMGM Sportsbook

If you’re interested in betting on your favorite teams, BetMGM Sportsbook is a top choice due to its popularity and impressive features. To make the most of the sportsbook, be sure to check out the following features of the BetMGM app and website.

BetMGM Rewards

BetMGM has a rewards program where bettors can earn points for placing wagers. The points can be redeemed for bonuses, entertainment, and more.

Edit My Bet

BetMGM has a cool feature where you can “Edit My Bet.” This feature allows you to add, swap, remove, and even increase your stake to help boost your winnings. The feature isn’t available for every single bet or at all times.

Live Betting

BetMGM Sportsbook offers live betting which includes the latest odds and lines. In-play wagers are popular among bettors as they can place bets on events that happen in real-time during a game. With live betting, users can try to predict the outcome of the next play, the next basket, and more.

Same-Game Parlay

BetMGM offers a same-game parlay feature where you can combine multiple picks within the same game into one bet. This option provides an odds boost, but keep in mind that it can also make the bet less likely to win. In order for the parlay to win, all of the picks within the bet must be correct.

Customer Support

BetMGM makes it easy to contact the sportsbook with 24/7 customer support. Also, you can find a help section on the website with articles and information. Customer support is crucial in case you run into issues when you claim the BetMGM promo codes.

Top Sports to Bet on with BetMGM

BetMGM Sportsbook is a fully legal platform that offers betting opportunities for a vast array of sports. The sportsbook covers all major sports, including football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball.

Besides that, the platform also offers betting options for sports such as auto-racing, boxing, tennis, and golf. BetMGM keeps adding new markets and bets to provide its users with a great betting experience.

BetMGM Bet Types and Markets

After you make BetMGM your latest sportsbook, you will find a lot of different bet types and betting markets to choose from. Here are a few of the most common current BetMGM bets you will see after you create a new BetMGM Sportsbook account.


A moneyline bet is a type of wager where you choose the team or player you think will win the game or event, without taking the score into consideration. The favorite is indicated by negative odds, while the underdog is indicated by positive odds.

You decided you want to bet on the Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL. They are listed as -145 favorites vs the New Jersey Devils. This means a $145 bet would win $100 if the Blackhawks were to win the game.

Point Spreads

The point spread is the most popular bet type out there and is beloved by NFL and NBA bettors. You are wagering on the differential of the game or event. The final score is going to decide if you won or lost the bet. A favorite and underdog will be given a point total they are expected to win or lose by.

For example, you are betting on the Chicago Bulls vs the Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls are -7.5 favorites. They would have to win by eight points or more to cover the spread.

The odds for point spreads are usually -110 on both sides of the bet. A $110 bet would win you $100.


A total bet is also called an over/under. A sportsbook will set a line for the combined score of both teams in a game. For example, the total in the Bears-Eagles game might be 48.5. If you bet the over, you need 49 points or more scored to win the bet.

If the Bears win 27-20, you would lose the bet. It was an under because 47 total points were scored.


Prop bets are types of wagers where you bet on specific outcomes within a game or event, rather than just the overall result. They can be related to players, teams, or the game itself, and don’t necessarily have any impact on the final score.

Some examples of prop bets include betting on a player to score a touchdown, to achieve a certain number of points or goals, or to hit a home run.


Props are wagers on outcomes within a game or event. They aren’t necessarily tied to the end result. You can bet on a player, team, or the game. Common props include picking a player to score a touchdown, score a certain number of points, or hit a home run.


Futures are bets on events that will happen down the road. Hence, that’s why it’s called a future. They are available year-round, and you can bet on things such as who will win the Super Bowl or be named MVP. The odds for future bets change throughout the year based on factors like team performance and injuries.

How to Sign Up with BetMGM Sportsbook

To start betting with BetMGM, you need to live in a state where the sportsbook is legal and create an account by providing your personal information. BetMGM will verify your identity and check your location to make sure you’re within the legal sports betting state.

Before signing up, make sure to check for available promotions and enter any necessary promo codes. After registering, check the promotions page for additional offers before placing your first bet. It is common for sportsbooks to have promos for new users but existing users at BetMGM will have offers to claim.

How to Place a Bet with BetMGM Sportsbook

After signing up for BetMGM, take some time to research different bet types, sports, and leagues before placing your bets. If you claimed promotions without bonus bets, make a deposit in the banking area to fund your sportsbook account.

Then, navigate to the sport and game you want to bet on and add your desired bet type, such as a moneyline, to your bet slip. Enter the amount you want to wager and click submit to place your first bet.

The BetMGM Sportsbook App

The BetMGM Sportsbook app has become a popular choice for sports bettors, with a 4.8 rating in the Apple App Store and a 4.4 rating for Android users. One of the standout features of the app is the “Edit My Bet” option, which allows users to adjust their bets after they have been placed.

This is a unique feature that sets BetMGM apart from other sportsbooks and has received positive reviews from users. Additionally, the app also offers same-game parlays and live betting options, providing users with even more ways to bet on their favorite sports.

Users have praised the BetMGM Sportsbook app for its user-friendly design and ease of use. The app is known for its fast and responsive features, allowing users to quickly place bets and make changes to their wagers.

The app also offers a wide range of sports and leagues to bet on, with a variety of bet types available for each event. Overall, users appreciate the convenience of being able to bet on their favorite sports from the comfort of their own homes, as well as the ability to access the app on the go.

Can I Trust BetMGM Sportsbook?

BetMGM is a solid and trustworthy sportsbook to use for betting on sports. The company is a subsidiary of MGM Resorts International, a well-known and reputable global entertainment company.

BetMGM operates in multiple states where sports betting is legal and regulated, ensuring that it follows the necessary rules and regulations. This means that BetMGM sportsbook is legal, making it a safe and reliable platform for bettors to use.

In addition to being legal and regulated, BetMGM is also committed to ensuring the safety and security of its users. The platform uses advanced security measures to protect personal and financial information, so users can feel confident that their data is safe.

Overall, BetMGM has a strong reputation as a trustworthy and reliable sportsbook, making it a popular choice for sports bettors.

Should I Sign Up for a BetMGM Sportsbook Account?

If you’re looking for a top-rated sportsbook with a user-friendly interface, then you should definitely consider signing up for a BetMGM Sportsbook account. With its sleek and intuitive platform, BetMGM provides a seamless experience for betting on your favorite sports.

It also offers a variety of features such as same-game parlays, live betting, and edit my bet, making it an ideal choice for sports fans who want to have a more engaging and immersive betting experience.

Aside from its impressive features, BetMGM also provides generous promotions and bonuses for new and existing users. Whether you’re a first-time bettor or a seasoned veteran, you’ll find plenty of value in the sportsbook’s regular offers, including no-deposit bonuses, match bonuses, and bet credits.

To make the most out of your betting experience, it’s a good idea to compare BetMGM to other sportsbooks in terms of odds, payouts, and betting markets to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

BetMGM Promo Code FAQs

Is BetMGM Sportsbook legal in the United States?

Yes. BetMGM Sportsbook is live in several states in the US. These states where BetMGM is legal include Michigan, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and more. BetMGM is a safe sports betting option because it’s legal and regulated.

What is the best BetMGM Sportsbook bonus code?

The best promo depends on your betting strategy. BetMGM new users will have to determine what kind of bets they are going to place. The First Bet Offer benefits users who plan to make a deposit to start making wagers.

Do I need to make a deposit to get my BetMGM bonus code?

Some sportsbook promos might require a qualifying bet or deposit before you can claim BetMGM promos. Be sure to check the BetMGM promo code terms and conditions.

Do I need a BetMGM account for each state to bet?

No. You only need one to sign up at BetMGM Sportsbook once. The BetMGM website and app will use geolocation to track where you are located. You can only use BetMGM Sportsbook in states where sports betting is legal and live.

Where can I download the BetMGM app?

You can download the BetMGM app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The BetMGM sports betting app is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Does BetMGM have an online casino?

Yes. For those interested, the BetMGM Casino has plenty of betting options and new games. You can check to see if there is a BetMGM Casino bonus code or promotion. It’s likely there is a BetMGM Casino welcome bonus that will give you bonus funds to start.

21+ and Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER