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The Most Extreme Throws of the Year Include This Still-Unbelievable Launch from Yasiel Puig

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The baseball season is long over – heck, we’re closer to Spring Training 2017 at this point – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still check out some of the craziest plays of last season.


At, for example, Mike Petriello gets us started with the most extreme throws from 2016. Broken into the six categories you see below, you’ll be amazed at what these athletes can and can’t do. I went ahead and embedded the Yasiel Puig “I’m a freak-of-nature” throw from deep right field to nab a hustling Trevor Story at third base, because it’s just that crazy.

But first, the categories:

  1. Longest Throw on Assist: Yasiel Puig (310 Feet)
  2. Fastest Throw Overall: Aaron Hicks (105.5 MPH)
  3. Fastest Throw for a Catcher on a CS: Gary Sanchez: (88.9 MPH)
  4. Slowest Throw for a Catcher on a CS: Geovany Soto: (70.1 MPH)
  5. Fastest Throw (SS to 1B): Carlos Correa (92.9 MPH)
  6. Fastest Throw (3B to 1B): Yadiel Rivera (91.7 MPH)

And then here’s that ridiculous throw from Puig:

Despite how amazing that throw is (and don’t let it slip past you, that is pure insanity) though, I think Geovany Soto’s 70.1 MPH caught stealing might actually be my favorite of the bunch. The sheer silliness of such a soft toss actually catching a runner just makes me laugh.

But what about you? Did Petriello miss one of your favorites? Let us know.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.