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LSU Shortstop Jumps *Over* His Teammate for the Catch and Both Wind Up in the Stands!

Incredible Plays, Wild and Crazy

Although we’re deep into Spring Training already, there hasn’t really been too many highlights yet, has there?

There’ve been some, of course, and Mets shortstop Luis Guillorme did do this the other day from the dugout:

But there’s been a real void of standout highlights. Today, that changes … sort of.


While the following play is an unbelievable highlight – it’s one of my favorite in a while – it doesn’t come from the Major League level.

Instead, enjoy LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson jumping over his teammate and into the stands to make a catch, dragging his friend with him:

I don’t have much color to add to that, because dayuuuuum what a catch.

I wonder when the (presumably) third basemen knew the shortstop was coming in. Did he call him off? Did he say something along the lines of … “DUUUUUCK!!” Either way that was quite a catch.

Professional or not, there’s a highlight that’ll be tough to beat this Spring.



Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.