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Barry Bonds is 52 Years Old, and Crushing Dingers in Batting Practice (VIDEO)


After keeping a low profile for many of his post-playing days, Barry Bonds emerged last year as the Miami Marlins’ hitting coach. Although there was no video, there were rumors that he still had his signature power, beating out Giancarlo Stanton in a spring home run derby.

The only problem? There was no video evidence!

Far be it from me to question the power of THE Barry Bonds … but, man, I wanted to see it.


Now 52 years old and an adviser with the Giants, it would be pretty impressive if Bonds was still crushing dingers.

Well, he is! Alex Pavlovic has the proof:

Now, the camera doesn’t track the ball, but you can hear the folks watching and the sound off the bat. Even if you were dubious of taking Pavlovic’s word for it (and why would you be? What’s he ever done to you!?), the sound doesn’t lie, baby.

Still don’t buy it? Well, believe:

Barry’s still got it. If you want more from him, enjoy watching the first and last homers of his career.