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The Easter Bunny Destroyed Teddy Roosevelt at the Nationals Game Today

Funny and Happy

Yup. Real headline. Actually baseball-related.

As you must well know by now, a Washington Nationals tradition is the Presidents Race, where a group of bobble-head-like forefathers race round the ballpark during a break in the fourth inning for the general amusement of the fans.

Today – Easter – was no different … until it was. VERY different:


So, the mascots came out and messed around during the race, which, hey, that’s a thing that happens sometimes.

But if you say you saw the Easter Bunny coming, you are as dishonest as Abe Lincoln. (That was his nickname, right?)

I can only assume that Mr. Bunny did not care for the bunny ears adorning our 26th President, and decided to let Teddy Roosevelt know with a wicked form tackle. I’m not sure the Easter Bunny didn’t get a little too high on that hit, though, and in a world where this was football instead of oversized novelty presidents racing, that probably draws a flag.


I think I’m gonna watch this on a loop for a minute, in the spirit of the holiday, of course: