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15 Years Ago Mike Cameron Went Back-to-Back TWICE in the First Inning En Route to a 4 HR Day


Earlier today, @ESPNStatsInfo reminded us that on May 2, 2002, Mike Cameron had one of the most impressive performances at the plate a player can possibly have:

Let’s take a look at the four consecutive home runs:

With that four homer appearance, Cameron became just the thirteenth player in MLB history to hit four in a single game. Fifteen years later and just three names have been added to that list.


Before that game, Cameron was slashing .242/.373/.472 with five home runs through his first 110 plate appearances. But just one game and six plate appearances later, and Cameron had a .271/.397/.615 slash line with NINE homers.

All in a day’s work, I suppose.

And what’s even funnier is that while his first home run in the first inning increased his team’s chances of winning the game by 7.4% points, the remaining three homers (technically) hardly affected the outcome – that’ll happen when you’re team is already up by double-digits and you keep pouring it on.

I mean, just look at the win probability chart (via FanGraphs):

It looks like the world’s saddest game of Shoots and Ladders.



Michael Cerami

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