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Fan Snaps a Picture of Every “Triple” Peanut He Got at a Game – The Results Are Nuts (I Know, Shut Up)

Funny and Happy, Interesting

You try writing about peanuts and not making a pun. It’s really hard, okay?


But in all seriousness, despite how silly this entire concept sounds, a baseball fan made sure to snap a picture of every single “triple” peanut he luckily uncovered during the 2017 season and it’s actually pretty fun to click through.

And if you’re wondering why I decided to write this up at all, well, CLEARLY this dude loves baseball, and so do we, so he gets an article for his hard work.

I mean look at how many different stadiums he went to and was lucky enough to get a three-bagger:

Miller Park, Guaranteed Rate Field, Wrigley Field, Pohlman Field, Lemont High School Sports Complex, Memorial Field, Four Winds Field, Oil City Stadium, Legacy Fields, Standard Bank Stadium, Mercy Field at Lewis & Clark Park, Principal Park, Veterans Memorial Stadium, Sister Bay Sports Complex, and the United Center (it was for a Blackhawks game … but we’ll allow it).

Triples of 2017

Must’ve been a great season.


Michael Cerami

Michael Cerami writes about MLB at Baseball Is Fun. You can find him on Twitter @Michael_Cerami.