The Rangers Would Like You to Know That Elvis Andrus Has Stolen Home Four Times (I Think)

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The Rangers Would Like You to Know That Elvis Andrus Has Stolen Home Four Times (I Think)

Baseball Is Fun

Over the winter, a new family-time game – Watch Yo Mouth – made its way through American homes as the game of the season. If you haven’t seen heard of it before, basically you put a ridiculous mouth guard in your mouth and your friends/family/strangers-at-the-bus-stop try to guess what you’re saying.

And recently, the Texas Rangers had some fun with it:

Did you guys know that Elvis Andrus has stolen home four times? At least, I think that’s what the first message is saying. You can be my guest deciphering the last two.

But on that first message, the Rangers aren’t lying! Elvis Andrus really has stolen home four times in his Major League career, and that’s freakin’ awesome.

Here’s one example of the difficult feat:

He makes it look easy!

But despite the four successful career stolen bases of home, Andrus falls far short on the all-time list of home wreckers.

Here are the top ten of all time:

  1. Ty Cobb – 54 (wow).
  2. Max Carey –  33
  3. George Burns – 28
  4. Honus Wagner – 27
  5. Sherry Magee – 23
  6. Frank Schulte – 23
  7. Johnny Evers – 21
  8. George Sisler – 20
  9. Frankie Frisch – 19
  10. Jackie Robinson – 19

There’s a heckuva lot of star power on that list – Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, and Jackie Robinson – but, unfortunately, the age of those names indicate that stealing home might be something of a dying art.

Perhaps Andrus can bring it back.

After all, there has only ever been 38 players with ten or more straight steals of home to their name (including, surprisingly, Babe Ruth). So with just six more, Andrus can cement his place in history. Good luck.

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Author: Michael Cerami

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