Rumor Mill: Bears in on Bouye, Hoyer Out, Taylor Staying in Buffalo, More Glennon (UPDATE)

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Rumor Mill: Bears in on Bouye, Hoyer Out, Taylor Staying in Buffalo, More Glennon (UPDATE)

Chicago Bears

Busy, busy, busy. Let’s check back in on what’s going around about the Bears, or could impact the Bears …

  • The obligatory first item: the latest on the Bears and Mike Glennon (previous update here) is essentially the same as it’s been for the past 24 hours. Brad Biggs reports that other teams are conducting themselves as though Glennon to the Bears is definitely going to happen tomorrow when free agents are permitted to sign with new teams. Ian Rapoport says that the deal is all but done, and is probably going to be three years at $15 million annually (Rotoworld). The guarantee will be the big question, but a rough guesstimate would be 50% of the contract, or about $22/$23 million, if the reported deal is accurate.
  • (Aside: Something I find a little strange? Word of these two linking up on a deal has been rumored from every corner of the earth for a couple days now, but we don’t yet have a firm-firm report on a done deal. It doesn’t mean anything, and I’m not suggesting otherwise. Just find it interesting.)
  • Where that leaves the erstwhile backup/bridge guy? Well, he’s gone:

  • Hoyer is expected to pick his new next team by tomorrow, according to Mike Florio, which suggests he’s got strong offers in hand already. Given the Bills’ still outstanding decision on Tyrod Taylor’s option (due March 11), and the obvious trickle-down implications that could have for the market, I’m going to guess that everyone already knows – or believes they know – what’s going to happen with Taylor (UPDATE: yup, see below), and/or the team(s) most strongly in on Hoyer are not going to be involved on Taylor or even involved on quarterbacks who could wind up on teams that are involved on Taylor. To that end, Biggs reports indications are that Hoyer will wind up with the 49ers. If that happens, he essentially becomes the bridge quarterback he could have been with the Bears, while the 49ers target a long-term option in the draft or even try to work out a trade for Kirk Cousins.
  • UPDATE: Hoyer to the 49ers is happening.

Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.