Carson Wentz's Extension with the Eagles Includes $107 Million Guaranteed (And Puts the Bears on Notice)

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Carson Wentz’s Extension with the Eagles Includes $107 Million Guaranteed (And Puts the Bears on Notice)

Chicago Bears

Even though Carson Wentz has been unavailable for the Eagles’ two postseason runs, Philadelphia had no problem shelling out the hundreds of millions of dollars to its franchise quarterback:

The Eagles announced they are handing Wentz an extension, which ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports is a four-year deal that includes more than $107 million in guaranteed and could be worth up to $128 million. Wentz’s extension is tacked on to his current deal, which means his contract is now worth $154 million over six years.

Good for Wentz and the Eagles to get this deal done. Injuries have kept Wentz off the field for the team’s biggest games, but the talent and production has been there when he is healthy. The Bears will get their first look at Wentz since his rookie season, though that’s not why I wanted to loop the Bears into this conversation.

The Bears need to keep track of how expensive these extensions are getting before ultimately coming to a conclusion on if Mitch Trubisky is going to be their guy for the long term. It’s not something on the front-burner at this time, but the franchise will come to that crossroads in due time. The Bears will have to pay Trubisky after the 2020 season if they feel he is their guy, which is what makes what happens over the next two years so important. Not only for a Bears team trying to build a Super Bowl winner during Trubisky’s team-friendly rookie contract years, but also for a quarterback who could position himself for a major payday once that first contract is done.

Should the time come when Trubisky’s play merits the talk of an extension, it’s possible Wentz’s deal represents a floor for a possible deal. After all, Trubisky and Wentz share the same agent. And we’re still talking about a player who has just one fully healthy season under his belt. Perhaps this deal provides a glance into what the Bears could end up spending in order to keep Trubisky in Chicago for the long haul.

Chicago will soon need to make a call about Trubisky’s future. It’s not the most immediate or pressing decision, but it’s one we need to keep on our radar.

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Author: Luis Medina

Luis Medina is a Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at@lcm1986.