Packers Celebrated Touchdown By Miming Ayahuasca Drink, Which Aaron Rodgers Says is Not a Drug Because It's a Plant

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Packers Celebrated Touchdown By Miming Ayahuasca Drink, Which Aaron Rodgers Says is Not a Drug Because It’s a Plant

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The truly stupid stories surrounding Aaron Rodgers never seem to cease. As a Chicago Bears fan, you can’t really talk about the future Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback without sounding petty – what about the other awful Hall of Fame Green Bay Packers quarterback? – so I guess I’ll just wear that. Rodgers is extraordinarily good at football, has owned the Bears for years, and I hate that. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a dope.

The latest bit of dopiness comes by way of discussions he’s had about his use of ayahuasca, a psychoactive drink that Rodgers says helped him produce the best seasons of his career. It had become such a talking point that his teammates used it for a celebration in the win over the Bears:

Fine, fine. Do your thing. I am generally of the mind that, where you aren’t creating unsafe conditions for other people, then you have my blessing to proceed upon your physical and spiritual journey. I’m not being sarcastic. Life is to be lived – if you are able, go live yours how you want.

But *SINCE* it’s a talking point this year that Rodgers and his teammates have brought fully into view on the field, I think it’s only fair game to make fun of the latest Registered Brain Scientist take Rodgers offered up:

“Ayahuasca is not a drug,” Rodgers emphatically said. “It has properties in it that have hallucinogenic abilities. But it’s not a drug. We’re talking about plants here.

“It’s a very important point to make. This is how words are created in society to create a certain bias against certain things. I do think it’s important to go on this ridiculous tangent how words are used to create bias. Those biases create fears and those fears prevent people from doing their own research or having their own idea and truth in a situation.”

Deep, bruh.

Deeper still? Understanding that of course plants can be drugs, however you want to use that word, and it is YOU who are stigmatizing the word by acting like the word is the problem. I take drugs every day! The kind prescribed to me by a physician. It doesn’t exactly take a professional – or even a freshman philosophy student – to understand that we can talk about therapeutic drugs, dangerous drugs, etc. The word has no power and confers no harm. Offering garble-mouthed, pseudo-intellectual points about the word – nothing that is a plant can be a drug! I’ve done my own research! – might.

The point Rodgers wants to make – that things like marijuana shouldn’t be seen as terrible – can be made without suggesting that, say, heroin shouldn’t be considered a drug because it comes from a plant.

Like I said: if you aren’t hurting anyone, do what you want. Maybe don’t do touchdown celebrations using a drug a plant-based psychedelic brewed drink, but even that honestly doesn’t bother me THAT much. It’s mostly just Rodgers being out there offering up Pee Wee science that bugs me.

OK, and the always-beating-the-Bears thing. Yes. That’s definitely part of it. Can’t lie. I hate how good he is. Maybe he could try some more potent plants before the December 4 match-up at Soldier Field. Or less potent? I’m not actually sure which direction would help.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.