Aramis Ramirez to Play in WBC with A-Rod Out?

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Aramis Ramirez to Play in WBC with A-Rod Out?

Chicago Cubs

With the breaking news that Alex Rodriguez is undergoing hip surgery –
the cyst kind, not the old person kind – I am openly pondering and
speculating as to whether it means Aramis Ramirez will leave the
Chicago Cubs and go to play in the World Baseball Classic.

As we’ve noted here before, Ramirez opted not to play because he did
not want to be a back-up – a situation that occurred when Rodriguez
switched from the U.S. team to the Dominican Republic team.

Now that Rodriguez is out, what’s to stop Ramirez from starting on the
D.R. team? Ramirez is NOT on the D.R. roster right now, but I have to
assume there are provisions to add players in case of injury. Further,
Carlos Marmol flip-flopped and decided to pitch on the D.R. team
despite not being on their final roster.

Again, this is just speculation, but keep an eye on it. You heard it here first.

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