Cubs Assistant GM Randy Bush Clearly Reads Bleacher Nation

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Cubs Assistant GM Randy Bush Clearly Reads Bleacher Nation

Chicago Cubs

Coincidence? Not a coincidence? You be the judge. But, for me, I choose to believe that Chicago Cubs Assistant General Manager Randy Bush is a Bleacher Nation reader.

Yesterday, at 10:22 a.m., I wrote about Carlos Zambrano going to dinner with Ozzie Guillen on Friday night after being dismissed by the team. Here’s how I expressed my disappointment:

But seriously? After what happened yesterday? You’re going to go out with the opposing manager, and yuck it up with your families? You’ve just been suspended by your team for being a total megadouche. If that’s me, I’m at home sulking, feeling like a poop monster.

Then, in the evening, stories began running with this quote from Bush:

“Nothing against Ozzie. I would’ve thought with the events of yesterday that Carlos would’ve gone home, spent some time reflecting on what happened, thought about his career and his teammates and where he was at. I’m disappointed to hear he was out yukking it up at dinner.”

Now, you’ll note that Randy didn’t use the terms “megadouche” or “poop monster,” but his point was identical to mine, and we both used a derivation of yukking it up (even if mine was possibly misspelled). Eh? Eh? Total proof positive: Randy Bush reads Bleacher Nation, and – I don’t want to oversell it – probably thinks it’s the greatest web site in the history of the universe.

And to Randy: thank you for your patronage. Please feel free to pay me back with inside information, rumors, and enviable scoops. I’ll totally keep them to myself.

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Author: Brett Taylor

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