Happy New Year 2013 and Other Bullets

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Happy New Year 2013 and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

new years times squareLast night, The Wife and I curled up with a nice bottle of sparkling grape juice, watched a Dick Clark retrospective, and passed out at about 10:15. Fortunately I left the TV roaring loud enough that I could hear when the ball started dropping, and I dragged myself out of slumber just long enough to force The Wife awake, count down the final 10 seconds, peck a New Year’s kiss, and promptly pass back out. Hooray, age!

I hope everyone else had a safe and happy New Year. I look forward to another year at BN, and especially to kicking off the 2013 season with the Cubs Convention in just three weeks. I hope to see many of you there, both for the Convention activities and for a get-together Friday night at a local watering hole (and/or Saturday night). Details to follow, but if you’ve got preferences, start sharing ’em now.

  • Carrie Muskat takes a final look back at 2012 from her perspective, which makes for a very interesting read. I like this one, among many others: “July 4 in Atlanta. Cubs pitching coach Chris Bosio reveals he has a deal with closer Carlos Marmol. The pitcher is not allowed to shake off his catcher on any pitch, and if he does, Marmol owes Bosio a case of wine. Marmol compiles a 1.52 ERA in the second half.”
  • And, on the flip side, Carrie looks ahead to 2013, and asks 10 questions relevant to the outcome of the season for the Cubs. The final question is the ultimate one, and a depressing one: Will the Cubs lose 100 games again in 2013. I’m thinking no, but I’m not sure I could go much lower than 90 right now on paper.
  • Speaking of 2013, I made some cracks on Twitter about the Cubs in 2013 (“Alfonso Soriano hits 45 homers, and surprises with a .415 OBP on way to MVP award … for the Phillies,” and “Tommy John Surgery re-named ‘Asset Accumulation Strategy Surgery'” as examples), and other folks joined in. You can check out the responses here.
  • Mark Newman writes about the unlucky – or lucky – number 13 in the history of baseball, which somehow ties back to the Cubs not winning the World Series since 1908 (something about how the 1907-08 Cubs were the first team to repeat as champions, and if the Giants don’t win in 2013, it’ll be 13 years since the last repeat … or whatever). How about Cubs in 2015-16?

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.