Rule 5 Success Story and Other Bullets

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Rule 5 Success Story and Other Bullets

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hector rondon cubs‘Breaking Bad’ came to a conclusion last night, and I have absolutely no idea what happened. As I’d mentioned previously, when we moved earlier this month, we decided to cut the cable (a decision that is proving difficult but doable). For the past two episodes, I was able to finagle a viewing with a friend, but I couldn’t make it happen last night. So now I’m scrambling to find a way to watch the finale before it is spoiled for me. I haven’t been on Twitter in 12 hours, and I dare not even look at the comments here – or anywhere, really. Hopefully, by the time these Bullets actually publish, I’ll have been able to find a way to watch, and we can all talk about those amazing things that Walt did or did not do. (UPDATE: Saw it. Solid ending. Watch that show if you haven’t, folks.)

Here are your non-managerial Bullets, with the managerial stuff coming shortly …

  • It sounds like Dale Sveum really does love the evolution of Hector Rondon this year, listing him among the usual story lines when asked about the successes this year. Reflecting now on the Rule 5 Draft last year, when the Cubs picked second, reliever Josh Fields was a slam dunk pick at the top of the draft, and the Astros took him. The Cubs went a little more off-board for Rondon – it’s the Rule 5 Draft, though, so let’s not pretend that almost every pick isn’t off the board – and it looks like they chose quite wisely. Fields, 28, was worth a negative WAR for the Astros this year, and had an ERA and FIP near 5. Rondon was worth slightly less negative WAR (ha), but his numbers were all much better, and we saw the improving trajectory as the year went on. Chalk one up for the scouting and development team.
  • On the balance, Jeff Samardzija feels positively about his season.
  • Starlin Castro finished the season with 666 at bats, most in the National League. For his part, Castro believes he’s learned a lot this year through his struggles, and will be better for it next year. If true, then you’d gladly take a down year from Castro in 2013, right? It’s not like he was the difference between last place and a playoff contender.
  • Mark Gonzales reports that, when Junior Lake plays in the Dominican Winter League this year, he will play exclusively in the outfield.
  • Everybody talks about the future.
  • If you want an early look at the roster implications of the offseason having arrived – and I mean the nitty-gritty roster implications – the Cub Reporter, as always, comes through in spades.

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