Never Say Never on the NL DH and Other Bullets

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Never Say Never on the NL DH and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

emperor seligI’ll be in and out today, so you’re on alert for limited commenting/Tweeting/etc. There should be relatively normal posting coverage, however.

  • The Red Sox tied the World Series up last night, thanks largely to a three-run homer by Jonny Gomes. The 4-2 win gave the Red Sox their second win in the series, and Game Five comes tonight at 6:30pm CT. Jon Lester – and his mystery goo – takes on Adam Wainwright.
  • David Ortiz is now 8 for 11 in the World Series (with four walks), and one of those three outs was the would-be grand slam that Carlos Beltran robbed in Game One. Unbelievable numbers.
  • At no point during his commissionership has Bud Selig indicated a desire to harmonize the designated hitter rule among the two leagues. Indeed, I believe I’ve read on more than one occasion that, if the DH was ever coming to the NL, it wouldn’t be on Selig’s watch. Well, in any event, Selig is retiring soon, so it won’t come during his time in office. But Selig now sounds a little softer when asked about changing up the DH rule – it’s essentially now a, “well, you never say never.” That said, Selig indicates that nothing is cooking right now on the DH thing. Bear in mind: the players will never permit the DH rule to leave the AL (it pays for another lucrative roster spot), and the owners probably aren’t going to push to add the DH in the NL (again, because it’s an added expense for them). Change is likely going to have to come from AL teams doing some serious grousing, and a handful of NL teams accepting that the lack of a DH is incredibly unfair for a number of reasons.
  • A local interview with “certified southerner” Justin Grimm, who pitched quite well for the Cubs out of the bullpen after he was acquired in the Matt Garza deal. A question remains on whether Grimm is a future reliever or starter, but he indicated that he has more of an “attacking” mindset as a reliever, since you’re out there to get just a few outs. If his third pitch doesn’t come along over the next year or so, he may be a permanent fixture in the bullpen (which isn’t a bad thing, as he could be a very good one).
  • BN’er Oswego Chris – he of the fantastic book on the realties of the Cubs’ century-plus of losing – has a special offer for BN’ers, only. Check it out over at the Message Board.


Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.