The Chicago Long-Shot and Other Bullets

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The Chicago Long-Shot and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

chicago cubs logoEarlier this week, my computer crashed. It’s a 2012 MacBook Pro, so I wasn’t expecting that. The next day, it did it again. Then yesterday, it crashed successively 15 or so times, and I’m left with an expensive piece of metal that can do the most rudimentary of tasks for about 20 minutes before it crashes. Given that my professional life requires a computer, this is causing me angst. I’ll be taking it in to the shop this weekend, and hopefully your Cubs-related enjoyment will be none worse for the wear.

  • The initial World Series odds for 2014 came out immediately upon the conclusion of the 2013 World Series, and Bovada sent me the rundown. The Cubs – surprise! – are 66:1 long-shots, with better odds than only the Twins, Mets, Marlins, and Astros. The interesting thing is not that Vegas does not expect the Cubs to be any good next year – few do, and I don’t expect a championship-caliber team, either – it’s that the Cubs’ odds aren’t much better. Historically, because of the fan base support, the Cubs’ odds have been irrationally strong (thanks to folks who just want to bet on the Cubs no matter what – and the more bets placed on a team, the more the line shifts). I would be very surprised if those odds don’t shift markedly as bets are placed on the Cubs. Hell, at 66:1, I’d put down a $10 spot. The Dodgers are the favorite, by the way, with the Tigers, Red Sox, Cardinals, and Nationals close behind.
  • The Mesa Solar Sox won again yesterday. Kris Bryant was 1-4 with a walk, and Jorge Soler was 1-3 with a walk. Armando Rivero finally got in another inning, and it was a good one – scoreless, hitless, walkless with two Ks.
  • Ryan Dempster celebrated the Red Sox’s World Series title the only way a man should: by throwing batting practice to family and friends at Fenway Park at 3 a.m. Dear future Cubs player who wins the World Series and then decides to throw late night BP, if you do not invite me to partake in said BP, I will forever hate you. Sincerely, Every Cubs Fan Probably. Good for Dempster to get the ring, by the way. He chose his destination wisely.
  • Another big league front office hires a sabermetrician/writer, and it’s the Astros once again poaching from Baseball Prospectus: Colin Wyers is the one being nabbed this time, and he’ll head to the Astros’ department of super smart math guys.

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.