Eric Hinske Will Recruit All The Free Agents and Other Bullets

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Eric Hinske Will Recruit All The Free Agents and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

Together, the family made a gingerbread house yesterday (which gives us too much credit, as it was mostly pre-built, and we just decorated), and The Little Girl couldn’t stop herself from eating the roof, no-hands-style. It was exactly as cute as it sounds.

  • Before he was named the Chicago Cubs’ new first base coach, Eric Hinske had retired from his playing days in 2013 and took a position with the New York Yankees. He was in the pro scouting department when the team was wooing recently-signed catcher Brian McCann, and GM Brian Cashman tells The Star-Ledger that, “[Hinske] was involved. He helped me with Brian McCann. And he’s gone. Because he played with Brian. So I appreciate Eric Hinske giving Brian McCann a lot of good advice about his experience here with the Yankees. He was a great resource for about 30 days.” Ha. That’s an enjoyable little bit. Maybe Hinske can turn on that salesmanship with a target or two of the Cubs’ in the coming years.
  • Best Hinske sales pitch? Massive tattoos:

  • That Star-Ledger piece, by the way, also notes that former Cubs manager Mike Quade has taken a position with the Yankees as a roving outfield and base-running instructor.
  • The best prospects in the Arizona Fall League? Well, you may have already known/hoped it was the Cubs’ contingent, but Jon Morosi gets you as much confirmation as someone can get. Speaking with a “number of scouts,” all seem to agree that the Cubs had the best set of prospects in the AFL this year.
  • Holy crap, Tim Souers. The illustrator extraordinaire’s latest over at TCR needs to be spread far and wide – it’s a take on just what executives will have to do this week at the Winter Meetings, given all the activity that preceded it.
  • In case the Bullets are your first stop checking in on a Monday, make sure you look at this morning’s recap of the weekend’s activity. There was a whole lot this weekend.
  • The Bears play a huge game tonight against the Cowboys, and Jay’s got your implications here, including the awesomeness of that snow game in Philadelphia yesterday.
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