Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer Speak About the (Potentially) Impending Madness

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Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer Speak About the (Potentially) Impending Madness

Chicago Cubs

Jed Hoyer met with the media before tonight’s game, and offered some interesting bits on the impending Trade Deadline (and the Rusney Castillo stuff (and he also discussed Neil Ramirez being transferred to the big league disabled list with triceps soreness, but we’ll discuss that separately)):

So, to square some of that stuff up, it sounds like the idea is that, of course, the Cubs will be active in discussions over the next two days – but they’re not going to make a deal just to make a deal. Like last year, even with complementary pieces, it’s not worth dumping a guy for a nothing return. And, with respect to the buyer stuff, all I can say is, YES. THAT.

Separately …

Jim Bowden interviewed Theo Epstein today in a video on ESPN.

It’s a very enjoyable watch for all kinds of reasons (I didn’t know Epstein just had another baby with his wife – congrats!), but, for our purposes today, the short version on the Trade Deadline stuff is that Epstein said he thinks the Cubs will probably make at least one more move before the deadline on Thursday.

Epstein offered his take on free agents to be, versus guys under team control, and understandably said that the threshold to trade the latter types would be higher. We’ll see how that plays out over the next two days. Feels like guys like James Russell and Wesley Wright, although controlled through 2015, are of debatable value next year, both to the Cubs and to other teams, given their expected arbitration raises and relative fungibility (that’s not a shot at either guy, who can be quite good at times – it’s just an acknowledgement of the system’s strength and the ease with which you can acquire effective LOOGYs if you need to). Other guys, like Justin Ruggiano and Chris Coghlan may have a little more value to the Cubs next year, given that they aren’t quite as easily replaced, internally or externally.

That was basically our discussion earlier today.

Author: Brett Taylor

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