Lukewarm Stove: Bonifacio, Lester, Lackey, Price, Uggla, Lefty Relievers, More

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Lukewarm Stove: Bonifacio, Lester, Lackey, Price, Uggla, Lefty Relievers, More

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old stove featureAmong the big-name rumors floating out there in rumors, the three biggest are likely to be starting pitchers David Price, Jon Lester and John Lackey. Each one has the potential to shake up the market, so we’re keeping tabs on all three, among other things …

  • No update on Emilio Bonifacio after the game. Rick Renteria reportedly told the media only that it’s a holding pattern, and he’ll deal with whatever comes when it comes. Gordon Wittenmyer hears that a deal is still expected by the Deadline.
  • Ken Rosenthal says hold your horses everyone, Dan Uggla may not have been released by the Giants yet. Posturing so they don’t lose leverage in any negotiations with other teams (like the Cubs) about an infielder? Maybe.
  • It sounded like the Orioles were about to get Jon Lester earlier today, but those talks may have fizzled out. Does it have anything to do with the Orioles receiving word today that pitching prospect Hunter Harvey has an elbow injury (non-surgery-requiring), and will have to miss the rest of the year? Certainly possible, either because the Red Sox wanted him or because the Orioles are now reticent to give up anyone else.
  • Rosenthal and Jon Morosi hear that it’s the Cardinals and Pirates pushing hardest for Lester, which would be fine for the Cubs.
  • David Price made his start for the Rays today (unlike Lester, who was scratched, but hasn’t yet been traded), and everyone’s best guess at this point seems to be that he stays. However, everyone also seems to be saying ” … but the Rays will consider anything.” The way Jayson Stark puts it: the Rays are listening and will trade Price, but only if it’s an overwhelming return. I understand that. If the Rays keep Price, it makes the offseason all the more interesting. That’s all I’m saying.
  • As for John Lackey, there’s now a “very good chance” that the Red Sox trade him, despite having a mega-team-friendly option for 2015 at just $500,000. I’m sure Lackey has big value – assuming the receiving team believes he’ll actually pitch for them next year rather than retire (which might require an extension) – but I still scratch my head a bit at the Red Sox dealing away Lackey when they’re going to need a little stability in the rotation next year. Do they have some measure of confidence that they can, for example, re-sign Jon Lester after trading him? That would obviously be pretty atypical.
  • Brian Cashman says the Yankees still have “more work to do,” so we’ll probably see them doing something tonight or tomorrow.
  • As noted earlier, despite acquiring Justin Masterson, the Cardinals are not necessarily out on Jon Lester.
  • The Nationals are looking for an infielder.
  • Morosi underscores how many available lefty relievers there are right now (not even mentioning the Cubs’ guys):

  • The point there is that there are a number of options on the market. No guarantees that guys like Wesley Wright or James Russell are at the top of anyone’s lists, even if the Cubs are shopping them.
  • Multiple reports that the Marlins are ready to go for it, and are looking primarily at starting pitching.
  • Given the rumors that the Phillies asked the Dodgers for Corey Seager AND Julio Urias AND Joc Pederson for Cole Hamels, these tweets are just downright hilarious:

(and thankfully this one)

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