META: Welcome Your New Writers, Michael Cerami and Luis Medina

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META: Welcome Your New Writers, Michael Cerami and Luis Medina

Chicago Cubs

I am a control freak.

I say that in a completely self-effacing way, because I’m certainly not trying to be one of those people who says, “I am a control freak” as a way of communicating that they are a special snowflake to the five people who are half listening. It is a genuine struggle for me to give up any amount of control over almost anything in my life, and that goes triple for my baby here at BN.

As I described last month when I put the word out for an evenings writer, however, I can’t keep going at this pace and at this level of control. I needed help here at BN, and I was a little nervous revealing it, because I know that the readers here have grown comfortable with the relative intimacy of the site – you know most of what you read is from me, most of the minor league stuff is from Luke, and there will be occasional fun contributions from Myles. I think you like what we do, and I think you’re happy. Change makes people uneasy.

So, I set about finding a new BN writer at a very deliberate pace, and I worked very hard to make sure the process was thorough. With nearly 200 applicants, it was going to take a while either way, but I wanted to respect your support of the site by making sure I did everything possible to get this right.

I thought, then, that I would be equally nervous about unveiling the new writer here at BN. Turns out that I’m not particularly nervous at all. I’m just really excited.

It also turns out that there’s not one new writer. There are two.

Please welcome Michael Cerami and Luis Medina to our little family:

  • Michael, whom you may recognize from the comments as “Cerambam,” will be doing most of his work in the evenings on weekdays around here. He has written previously about movies, which is essentially the same as baseball (people doing stuff on a screen to entertain other people), so the skill set should translate well. Oh, and he’s as intimately familiar with the goings-on of the Cubs and this place as anyone, so that will probably help. You can find Michael on Twitter @Cerambam1060.
  • Luis works on stats for the Scoreboard Page at the Tribune, and wrote about sports at a variety of outlets before that. He maintains a blog here, and he has a fantastic collection of winter hats. You can find Luis on Twitter @lcm1986, and you will find him around these parts primarily on the weekends.

I’ll keep the introductions brief, as their work will speak for itself. You will see Michael and Luis integrated more and more over the coming weeks at a slow and steady pace – don’t expect there to be a jarring change around here. I wouldn’t do that to you (or them). I’m excited to have these guys in the fold, which will allow us to get a little more Cubs-related goodness to you at key times, rather than always having to wait on me to wake up or step away from the kiddos.

So, in the end, what this means: a little better coverage, a little more coverage, and two great new writers for you to read. Hooray! Things!

(And, a note to those of you who applied: again, I sincerely thank you, and I hope each of you received a response from me. I was overwhelmed by the interest in the position from so many qualified folks. This was not easy in the least, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t offer positions to more of you at this time.)

Author: Brett Taylor

Brett Taylor is the Editor and Lead Cubs Writer at Bleacher Nation, and you can find him on Twitter at @BleacherNation and @Brett_A_Taylor.