When a Series Split Feels Like a Win and Other Bullets

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When a Series Split Feels Like a Win and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs

happy cubs old logoWhew. It’s going to be a busy rumor day, isn’t it? David Price stuff already this morning, then the Mat Latos thing, and then a stockpile of Lukewarm Stove items. Stay tuned …

  • It’s pretty amazing that a split series against the Reds could feel that good. But, for me, at least, it totally did. First of all, a road four-game series that includes a doubleheader is going to be a very tough series to win, no matter the opponent. Second of all, among the “bad” teams the Cubs will play in the coming weeks, the Reds really aren’t all that bad (until they sell off, that is). Third of all, neither of Jake Arrieta nor Jon Lester pitched in the four games. Fourth of all, that could have so easily been a series loss. The Cubs lost a lead late in the first game, got blown out in the first game of the doubleheader, and required two crazy late wins just to split the series. The end of that series was a Relief with a capital R (which is why I capitalized it).
  • I also think I feel good about the series because, let’s be honest, the two wins were among the most exciting, improbable wins in recent memory – and the Cubs have had a bunch of those this year. Those two, though … they were pretty special. Seems like we’ll be remembering that series for a long time. The Schwarber Game and The Teagarden Game.
  • Speaking of which, here’s how unlikely those wins were (and coming on consecutive days, no less):

  • The intentional walk that Aroldis Chapman was instructed to issue to Jorge Soler – about which Chapman seemed unhappy – was the first of his career. Here’s betting he really wanted a chance to come right after Soler. Wonder what was going through his mind as Taylor Teagarden stroked a single to center?
  • Lots of praise for Kyle Schwarber (Tribune), whose bat may force its way into the lineup (i.e., in the outfield in addition to catching) before the season is through.
  • Remember Zack Godley? You might not, because he was the then-24-year-old low-level relief prospect (former senior sign) the Cubs included in the offseason trade for Miguel Montero (former IFA bonus baby Jeferson Mejia was the big prospect in the deal). Well, now he’s going to start a game for the big league Diamondbacks. His ascension up the Diamondbacks system was like a rocket this year once they moved him back into the rotation, however … he hasn’t pitched above AA, has made only three starts at that level, and the results haven’t really been that great. That he’s starting for the D-Backs probably says more about them than it does about Godley’s readiness, but still, great for him.
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