Dodgers, Marlins, Braves Reportedly Working on Big Three-Team Deal (UPDATES)

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Dodgers, Marlins, Braves Reportedly Working on Big Three-Team Deal (UPDATES)

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[This all started much earlier today, and has gone through many crazy twists and turns. See updates below.]

Briefly discussed as a possible Cubs starting rental target, Mat Latos is on the move to the Dodgers, according to Gordon Wittenmyer:

Latos’ value in trade is a really interesting question, given the on-field performance (but injuries) and reported off-field concerns.

I suspect Wittenmyer’s mention of Dan Haren is in relation to the Cubs, as he might be a possible fall-back, inexpensive rental move.

As for the Dodgers, this fills at least one of their desired rotation additions, but I wouldn’t say it rules them out from something major like Cole Hamels or David Price. They easily had the spots in the rotation to add two starters, and Dodgers gonna Dodger.

UPDATE: The Dodgers are throwing their financial weight around again:

UPDATE 2: After several hours of assuming the deal was done, it looks like there’s more to it:

The deal was complicated financially, and it’s possible the Dodgers never had any interest in Morse (and were taking him only as a proxy for “paying” the Marlins more money for their draft pick and for Latos). Perhaps the deal was contingent on the Dodgers spinning Morse off, and something happened on that end? Just speculating.

UPDATE 3: The dreaded medical holdup:

UPDATE 4: So, the deal is indeed complicated, as there is a third team involved, and it’s the Braves:

Man that’s complicated, and way, way more than a “Latos/Morse” trade. Wood is a quality young arm, and Peraza is a top Braves prospect. This would mean some very significant pieces would be coming over from the Dodgers. And then, if the Dodgers get both Latos and Wood, does that mean they’re done getting arms? Or does it mean they use Wood in a deal for Cole Hamels or David Price? Or do they just pick up three starters?

This is getting nuts. But what would you expect?

UPDATE 5: Jim Bowden says the answer to the Dodgers mystery question is Hector Olivera – the Cuban star the Dodgers just signed earlier this year to a long-term deal. If that’s right – and if the Dodgers also include big cash in the trade to pay down Olivera’s just-signed contract, I’m going to be incredibly pissed. I understand that LA wants to leverage its financial advantage (and they’ve done it already by essentially buying draft picks, paying Dan Haren to pitch for the Marlins, etc.). But this would be too far.

Author: Brett Taylor

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