Here We Go: It's a Good Day for a Chicago Cubs Playoff Game

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Here We Go: It’s a Good Day for a Chicago Cubs Playoff Game

Chicago Cubs

excited cat kittenHappy Chicago Cubs Playoff Game Day! May there be many more that follow soon hereafter.

I arrived in Chicago in the wee hours of the morning, and, as you might expect, slept little and fitfully, because I am freaking jacked. The Cubs play the Pirates tonight at 7pm CT in the NL Wild Card Game, and, although they had a fantastic regular season that cannot be taken away by anything that happens tonight, a win for the Cubs would obviously mean a great deal.

My only advice for you today – and to myself – is to embrace whatever feelings you’re feeling. Anxious? Cool, be anxious. Excited? Great, be excited. Happy? I hope so, and, yes, be happy. We follow sports as passionately as we do because it allows us, among other things, to experiences the highs and lows of life in a safe way. Today is an opportunity to feel some extremes. So go for it.

And, if you’re like me, those highs and lows are better enjoyed (or tolerated, in the case of the lowest lows) among friends.

So, if you’re around the Wrigleyville area today, come to Mullen’s on Clark to watch the game with me and other folks who are able to show up. I’m going to get there very early – by 3pm CT – and I’ll do my best to carve out plenty of space for BN’ers who come to take in the game (though I’d encourage those who are able to get there as much before the game as you realistically can, because you never know how crowded it will become).

I’ll see some of you there. I’ll see others of you here. And I hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever the ultimate outcome.

Go Cubs!

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Author: Brett Taylor

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