Twins Front Office Search Update: Rehman Focused on Cubs

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Twins Front Office Search Update: Rehman Focused on Cubs

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minnesota twins logoWell this is turning into quite the story, isn’t it?

Just a couple days ago, we discussed the potential impact of a high-profile vacancy in the Minnesota Twins front office on the Chicago Cubs organization.

And then, not one day later, Jon Morosi confirmed (via Twitter) that both Jason McLeod and Shiraz Rehman were being targeted as potential candidates for the President of Baseball Operations position (and/or General Manger).

While there’s been no further word on whether or not the Twins are actually targeting or at least considering those two (though it seems very likely they are), there has been some response from the Cubs side, and it sounds like Assistant GM – and widely recognized up-and-comer – Shiraz Rehman is focused on the Cubs right now.

You can read Rehman’s full comments here at CSN Chicago or here Chicago Sun Times. Although it’s mostly the kind of thing you’d expect to hear during the season, it’s still nice to see a top exec say that he’s happy right where he is, and that both he and everyone else in the organization remains wholly focused on winning the World Series in/with/for Chicago.

Obviously, things can change at any time (and Rehman very well could get a shot to run an organization sometime in the future), but it sure sounds like he’ll stay with the Cubs for at least a little bit longer.

There hasn’t been any other quotes/news from Jason McLeod, but he did withdraw his name from consideration when San Diego was looking for a new General Manager back in 2014, citing a variety of reasons, including the fact that he really wanted to be with the Cubs when they won it all. Although that was a different organization and a different time, perhaps his considerations haven’t changed too much in two years. The Cubs haven’t won it yet, at least.

I’d still prepare for a key member or two of the front office to hightail it on out of here for a new challenge at some point in the future, but for Rehman, McLeod, and the Minnesota Twins, now may not be that time. We’ll see.

Brett Taylor contributed to this post.

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